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Rochel Rittgers of Infinite Living to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BETTENDORF, IOWA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2018 / -- Before 2005, Rochel Rittgers had never heard of energy medicine, and never dreamed she would one day practice it. That was the year she agreed to accompany a friend from her exercise group to a Qigong Conference. That very first day it stirred feelings in her, and she began attending more classes and looking seriously into this 5,000-year-old practice from China. Rochel now runs a company called Infinite Living, which as its name implies, helps people uncover the essence of living with greater purpose and passion. Rochel guides them to realize their better self, an enhanced sense of who they are, and to exist in a more spiritual (and less hectic, material-driven) manner. Qigong is a fundamental exercise in this pursuit.

Rochel’s complete range of divine and empowering services include energy reception, transmission and manipulation techniques; sound and crystal therapies; and other meditative or heart-centered practices. One of these is called Stargate, because incredible otherworldly connections arise from the vortex centered in 3-D grid shaped like a 6-pointed star with crystals on it (known as a Merkabah.) These diverse modalities enable clients to release negative energy that has shown up in their lives as physical pain or disease, to pinpoint issues that block them from achieving success or living their fullest life, and to help them get in touch with their true and deepest self.

Rochel says that Qigong is a healing practice similar to Reiki but you don’t actually touch anyone. Instead, one individual’s energetic physique interacts with another’s and causes a shift. Rochel’s special energy is so powerful she can do this from great distances. With eyes closed, she’ll begin to recognize the other person, feel them inside her, and get an image of their energy field and any densities or imbalances hiding therein. She might then use a tuning fork, alchemy bowls or other sound healing techniques to help harmonize the discordant frequencies and move them out of the body altogether.

Rochel is also a metaphysical minister and leads gatherings of people of all faiths she calls Conversations of Infinite Oneness. As like-minded spiritual people mingle, they usually come up with an agenda for the day, such as a recent day focused on world peace. Another aspect of Infinite Living is the sale of heart-centered products, such as crystals, gifts and natural medicines. Rochel stresses that she only aligns herself with the most trusted nutritional supplements, such as Prime My Body Hemp Oil. She says that today, people are more attuned to the fact that traditional regimes don’t always serve them, and they are exploring new alternatives in health and healing.

Rochel is currently developing a boxed set comprised of guided meditations and cleansing music. She would love to arrange a special offer on it for CUTV listeners. It seems that Rochel’s work and heavenly influence is, like her practice’s name, growing infinitely.

CUTV News will feature Rochel Rittgers of Infinite Living in an interview with Jim Masters on Wednesday, October 24 @ 1:00 pm EDT

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