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Holocaust Scholar Dr. Mary J. Gallant to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GLASSBORO, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2018 / -- The Holocaust represented the utter destruction of the European Jewish community, and yet there have been 37 incidents of mass genocide since 1945. How do we make sense of the human capacity for such atrocities?

Dr. Mary J. Gallant is an associate professor of sociology at Rowan University. As a dedicated academic, Dr. Gallant is a Holocaust scholar with an awareness of the Holocaust as a turning point in the lives of millions of European Jews. Her latest efforts in post-Holocaust research focus on new strains of antisemitism and what surviving genocide means globally for individuals and their families caught in the chaos.

“What I’m interested in exploring this time in our history and giving voice to the people who experienced these atrocities,” says Dr. Gallant. “I wanted to use their testimonies to teach all of us something that we may grow closer to the Jewish tradition that informs all of the traditions.”

There are fewer than 100,000 survivors of the Holocaust still alive today, and those who are still alive were only small children at the time. Inspired as a student by Elie Wiesel’s Night, which explored the deep the bond between a father and son in this time of great ordeal, Dr. Gallant became fascinated by the sociological implications of the Holocaust.

“I could hardly keep from crying on every page,” says Dr. Gallant. “This was my introduction to the sociology of the Holocaust, and I needed to learn a lot more clearly.”

Dr. Gallant’s first position was with a small graduate school where she developed grant proposals to support her own research. One of these research grants involved a community ethnography and in-depth interviews with Holocaust survivors who had remained silent about their traumatic memories but could not forget.

“We thought of these interviews as a portrait,” says Dr. Gallant. “I was interested in what had been imprinted on their souls. I wanted them to show me what was important to them because I believed they had something important to tell us. What can we see in all of these children that helped them survive? I was looking for miracles but also how they composed themselves. Through captivity and abuse, how did they persevere?”

These interviews inspired Dr. Gallant’s book Coming of Age in the Holocaust: The Last Survivors Remember, which explored aspects of their survival as emerging from the ingenuity of the survivors themselves under captivity and abuse.

“The Holocaust survivors who had been children that survived the camps or in hiding or with the resistance in different ways became something I explored in great depths,” says Dr. Gallant. “They shared their experience of cruelty, hatred, and indifference, opening a window into the soul that inspires both grief and wonder. What they shared left an imprint on my soul that is still sharp and clear in my memory.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Mary J. Gallant in an interview with Jim Masters on October 23rd at 3pm EDT.

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