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Donna L. Lauck of Collaborative Care to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ABINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2018 / -- Donna L. Lauck is one of those people who is proud to say she became what she wanted to be as a child. From the time she could talk, Donna told everyone she wanted to be a Nurse. Today, she is not only a Nurse, she’s an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN) with a Doctoral degree (DNSc) and a specialization in Psychology. She’s also an integral part of a team approach to healing at the only holistic care center in her area. At Collaborative Care of Abington (in Montgomery County, just outside Philadelphia), Donna draws on her nursing instincts, her compassion for humanity, and her 25-plus years of experience, to help balance all the physical, emotional and neurological sides of an individual.

Donna wants to publicize that people with mood or mental health issues are, after all, just people. There is no reason to degrade them, and there is no reason for anyone to feel ashamed about treatment. Like anything else that affects the body and causes illness, you just need to go and get if fixed! Depending on the individual, fixing might include energy therapy modalities, such as Reiki or IET. Donna may also use hypnosis, classic cognitive behavioral approaches or a special self-esteem program. Donna often assigns clients homework, to help in their therapeutic goals. The modality and approach she’ll choose has a lot to do with the individual and their needs.

Donna credits her knowledge of such advanced and integrative therapies to the many teachers and influencers throughout her career. One big one is C. Norman Shealy, often called Norm, an MD and Psychologist recognized as a pioneer in pain management and alternative healing. Together with his colleague, Carolyn Myss, who is a medical intuitive, he founded a Graduate Seminary at HOLOS University, the first all-holistic medical college. Donna has taken some of their classes and it enables her to treat the many aspects of an individual and inspire wellness.

Donna isn’t sure if it’s an inborn sensitivity or something education inspired, but she does have a talent for evaluating behaviors, offering support, and getting clients to participate in their own self-care. She also really loves working in a setting where the staff is so supportive of one another--offering back-up, insights, and opinions--and practicing a cohesive and well-rounded approach to health and comfort. It’s so collaborative, like their name says, and this kind of practice can also be referred to as mindful care. Donna says that aside from mental health issues, this type of treatment works wonders for stress relief and relaxation, which is essential in a bustling city like Abington.

If you noticed Donna’s e-mail address it refers to her as a Golf Doctor. While she could use therapeutic techniques to help one improve their focus and game, the main reason is her lifelong love of golf. Donna doesn’t play as much since her husband passed on, but still loves the sport, and frequently takes on her son.

CUTV News Radio will feature Doctor Donna L. Lauck in an interview with Jim Masters on Tues, Oct 23 at 1:00pm EDT

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