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Mary Losh to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2018 / -- Throughout the journey of life our experiences shape us and guide us to our destinies. For some individuals the challenges and adversities they face not only leads them the path of success and enlightenment it touches and inspires the lives of others.

Mary is an exceptional RN for 40 plus years and a naturopathic doctor.

“God has been my uplifting and calming rock and I have received many miracles from Him throughout my life,” says Mary. “In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and told I only had two months to live. And now 53 years later, I still talk, I sing, and I hold my head in any position I want, I take no Rx meds. It was all part of God’s miracles.”

Mary was born in West Virginia the daughter of a coal miner and the second oldest of nine children. Coming from an impoverished background her family moved around a lot and sometimes took residence in the woods. To keep food on the table Mary’s mother would pick wild weeds like dandelions, pokeweed, milkweed and managed to make a delectable feast for the entire family which essentially kept them well -nourished and healthy. When the family was able to afford “junk” food it actually caused them to become overweight and unhealthy.

“Although my mother expected us to quit school at the 8th grade and find jobs, I was determined to continue and get an education,” says Mary. “I also had a deep yearning and profound self-awareness to become closer to God and would spend a lot of time reading the Bible which further encouraged my pursuit of a higher education.”

In 1969 Mary went into nursing and resolutely inspired by how nourishing eating her mother’s weeds had been, she felt drawn to holistic medicine and ultimately became a naturopathic doctor and certified health practitioner, and took “Boot Camp” adventures in discovering, identifying and preparing the edible weeds of the forests. Today Mary strongly advocates for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes since the brain alone contains over 200 receptors for the cannabinoids.

“Marijuana makes you high when you burn it, but if you put it in a smoothie, or juice it, it is extremely healthy,” says Mary. “The government got a patent on Marijuana for medical use in 1936. Therefore, How and WHY is Marijuana classified as it is? Any plant that can has evidence of health benefits, cannot be classified as illegal. So, WHY is marijuana illegal?”

Mary also promotes the use of essential oils for magnificent healing effects that according to her can positively erase negative childhood memories that even years of therapy cannot overcome.

Currently Mary is writing a book hoping to raise awareness how God is authentic and has so profoundly touched her life and helped her heal.

“God loves us intensely and He is there for all of us,” says Mary. “He will eternally protect us, provide for us and He is my all and all and that’s why my life has been so fortunate and genuinely inspirational.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Mary Losh October 22nd at 12 p. m. EST in an interview with Jim Masters.

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