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Karen McKy of Subconscious Change to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

AURORA, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, October 16, 2018 / -- The most common self-limiting belief is “I’m not good enough,” and it can limit us in most areas of our lives. We operate our lives from our beliefs. These have been given to us by our parents, friends and society. We have life enhancing beliefs which move us forward in our lives, but it's the self-limiting beliefs that hold us back. Limitations we believe in prevent us from asking for what we want, taking healthy risks, loving ourselves and others.

Results of limiting beliefs may manifest in many ways. We may avoid asking for promotions we deserve. We may remain sick because we believe this is the only way to receive lots of attention. Perhaps we maintain unhealthy relationships or invite abusive people into our lives because subconsciously we are modeling what our parents did.

The subconscious mind holds on to our beliefs and all the emotional associations stored with them. To steer our own ship and be in charge of what happens in our lives, we must first learn to be the masters of our own subconscious.

Karen McKy is an International Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor and the founder of Subconscious Change. PSYCH-K® is a simple, practical, hands-on set of processes that allow people to achieve rapid change in their lives. By teaching people to alter the limiting beliefs within their subconscious mind they can change their lives for the better.

“This is an empowering set of tools that help people become self-directing by being self-responsible. The result is people literally change their lives from the inside out. That's what I love about it,” says McKy. “People need to help themselves first, before we help others. When we show up bigger, better, brighter, and more beautiful in the world, we make a difference in simple and astounding ways.”

McKy was introduced to PSYCH-K® initially by a friend then later by Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and author of The Biology of Belief. Dr. Lipton is a dear friend of the originator of the PSYCH-K processes, Rob Williams M.A. “Dr. Lipton shares with us that we do not have to be the victims of our biology. Our body expresses what we believe and beliefs can be changed, thus allowing our physical system to alter what it is expressing. This is the best news in ages for those who are seeking different ways of handling pain and other physical challenges.”

“When I was introduced to PSYCH-K®, I understood that I could learn more about what my inner world was telling me than I could have ever guessed,” says McKy. “I immediately immersed myself in every PSYCH-K class offered. I was soaking up the information like a sponge. It rang true for me, and innately I knew it was what I had been waiting for my entire life. These processes have helped me become who I am today. That is why I am so passionate about sharing PSYCH-K® processes with others. They truly allow one to change their life, from the inside out.”

McKy says what distinguishes PSYCH-K® from other modalities is that it is a spiritually-based program.

“We help people work with their higher knowing, whatever that is for them,” says McKy. “We honor people in their spiritual journey. We're not telling people what to do or what they should believe. It's all about helping them access their Inner Wisdom and create their own goals utilizing that Inner Wisdom.”

“We move beyond story. I'm listen for what is going on in the person's subconscious mind that is holding them back. I help the person catch their limitations and flip them quickly into what they would rather have their new subconscious belief systems be. We work quickly and efficiently to help the people create and re-program new beliefs that will support them in their life.”

While McKy still works with clients one-on-one, her true passion is teaching the PSYCH-K® processes.

“Teaching is where I can have the most impact and help the greatest number of people.”

Most of the people who come to McKy’s workshops are everyday folks who have utilized other modalities before PSYCH-K® but they've exhausted those options. “They earnestly want to get to the bottom of their challenges. PSYCH-K® helps people help themselves, and it’s simple enough, once learned, they can also help others.”

Some workshop participants are professionals who use other modalities and want to expand their tool kit.

“More and more frequently we have psychiatrists, sociologists, educators, medical professionals, body workers and community spiritual leaders attending PSYCH-K® workshops. They are looking for non-traditional and unconventional methods to add to their skillset to help improve their client’s lives. In class we have everyday folks facilitating professionals through the processes. Everyone has challenges they want to change, we work with a level playing field, There is no hierarchy when it comes to helping others with PSYCH-K®.”

“Much of the time, when people come to work with me, they're at the end of their rope,” says McKy. “They've come to a place where they don't know what else to do. Somehow, magically, they've been introduced to PSYCH-K® and hope that it can help them create the changes they are seeking. I'm here to help them discover their own answers, tap into their own wisdom and manifest what they have always had within themselves.” PSYCH-K is high-speed mindset technology that helps us evolve the mind.

CUTV News Radio will feature Karen McKy in an interview with Jim Masters on October 17th at 4pm EST.

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