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Dr. Kim Redman of Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc. and Go Quantum™ Programs to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

AURORA, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 11, 2018 / -- Talent is the icing on the cake. The cake is your skill set. In order to build a cake you need a recipe. So whatever happened to mentorship? It used to be we could rely on someone to take us under their wing and show us the recipe and how to avoid the pitfalls, but we don't do that as much today. Where is someone going to pick up the skill sets to hold space as a leader, build a cake, and let our talent shine? What are those skills?

Dr. Kim Redman is a Master Trainer of Leaders, Conscious CEOs, Results Coaches and the founder of Creatrix Transformational Solutions Inc. and her Go Quantum™ Programs, where she empowers leaders to empower others, and launches them into becoming experts in their field. Creatrix specializes in personal growth for business success, Quantum Leadership™ and empowerment with Ancient Wisdom secrets.

“We studied the Ancient Wisdoms all over the world to identify the core competencies, behaviors and skill sets of leaders,” says Dr. Redman. “We're working with passion and we're working with purpose and creating legacy. We wake people up from the ‘Matrix’ and ask, ‘What do you need to step out and live your dream to be happy, healthy, and wealthy?’”

Creatrix works with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching at the board designation levels from basic practitioner up to institute levels valid in over 38 countries.

“When we're talking about Go Quantum™, we're talking about the influence you can have to empower the people around you,” says Dr. Kim Redman. “The world is changing. We need compassionate voices out there, especially as it applies to women and power. We show people the recipes for compassionate action and success.”

According to Dr. Redman, since most leadership positions have traditionally been held by men, women have been learning leadership skills as men do, and women’s brains are different. Women need to approach leadership from a more authentic place and a place that is more aligned to how women’s minds and brains work.

“Women, once we become mothers, there's an automatic conflict in the societal programming between who you're supposed to be as a mother and who you're supposed to be as an entrepreneur. There's no dialogue about how you can be both without compromising those roles,” says Dr. Kim Redman. “Leadership needs many skills; strategic, tactical, power, and being really present. Most of us are in this place where we're totally not present. The reticular system of our brains has the wrong focus. We're running arguments with people that happened three years ago, or running a grocery list for later on. We're in the future or we're in the past, we're not right in front of where we need to be. And if we're going to lead, you have to pay attention to where you are in the moment in order to have an impact.”

Creatrix Go Quantum™ programs are about learning to rebuild trust with our unconscious minds as we insert the correct ‘apps’ to be more mindful, more aware, and more successful, as we build sustainable futures out in the world.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Kim Redman in an interview with Jim Masters on October 16th and October 23rd at 2pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on October 30th at 2pm EDT.

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