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Gail Rappolt of Illumination Coaching to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HAMILTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 11, 2018 / -- You’re competent, but there’s something that says you can be more, do more or do something different. The role of a coach is to hold the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual space for people to dream and explore feelings they might not feel safe to examine on their own.

Gail Rappolt is the founder of Illumination Coaching, where she offers executive coaching, coaching for personal and professional transition, and small business consulting.

“My role is to help clients shine a light on themselves as living frameworks,” says Gail. “If we think about ourselves as living frameworks, how we think (mind), how we feel (heart), how we sense (body), and how we intuitively know (soul) - all come from a place of presence and awareness. A coach creates an environment that allows the client to explore all aspects of that framework. I hold safe space for them to dream. I ask the tough questions and stand beside them as they explore what’s been blocking them from moving forward toward their goals.”

Gail’s approach to coaching grew out of years of public sector work where she served in a variety of roles - as a classroom teacher and later as a consultant, principal and superintendent.

“But the part of the work I always loved was watching children and adults blossom and grow; dream and envision what more they could do; and then take the risks and steps to get there,” says Gail. “I loved working with individuals and leading teams to be higher functioning and more productive, to feel more competent and to find more joy in their work.”

Gail says that being an effective coach requires the ability to listen deeply, to ask powerful open-ended questions, and to help clients identify the blocks that are keeping them from reaching those goals and dreams. An effective coach listens to the music under the words, to what the body is saying, to what’s deep inside. And, of course, an effective coach holds clients accountable.

“I call it holding their feet to the fire,” says Gail. “It’s not all about cheer leading, it’s sometimes about being direct and tough … knowing when they need support and when they need to be called out and when they need to be encouraged.

“Growing and raking risks takes courage and feels scary. Learning to hold space and creating an alliance and trust with a client is the cornerstone of my work and I can’t do it unless I am centered myself. That’s why I have my own coach and do my own work. Coaching requires me to be fully present and listen with eyes, ears, heart and mind. People must feel completely safe to say their greatest fears out loud, to own their biggest dreams, to share sadness if they need to, or share joy in whatever way is comfortable for them.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Gail Rappolt in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on October 15th at 11am EDT.

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