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Dov Bechhofer explains the Crucial Parts of and Discusses How to Build an Affordable yet Powerful PC

Dov Bechhofer PC Buildout

Computer expert Dov Bechhofer explains how to build an exclusive PC without breaking the bank.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2018 / -- There’s a stigma about building a personal computer. That stigma is that it’s complicated and easy to mess up. While that might have been the case ten years ago, building a PC today is a simple task. The hardest part about building a PC is deciding the functionality of it. However, if someone is considering piecing together their own PC, they likely have an idea what they want.

To answer a few basic questions, Dov Bechhofer has cultivated this concise guide to building an affordable PC.

-Gathering the Parts

Gathering the desired parts for a PC is the main reason a person doesn’t simply buy a retail PC. There’s usually something they’re looking for that isn’t found in mainstream devices. While there are many different optional parts, there are a few main pieces that a PC cannot function without.

The processor is the brain of the computer. It’s a small chip, but it’s vital. There are a few different options. The more power or clock speed and cores a processor has, the better it will function. Yet, that also means that it will be more expensive. Dov Bechhofer wants computer builder to seriously think about what they’re going to be using the PC for. If the processor doesn’t have enough power, the PC will never work. If the PC has too much power, it was a waste of money.

The motherboard is the housing device for the other parts. The number of USB ports and expansion cards the PC will have will be decided by this purchase. Again, Bechhofer urges PC enthusiasts to keep their goal in mind. Remember that there’s only so much space on a motherboard. A good way to save money with a motherboard is to get a device with many slots for RAM and graphics expansions. That way, if the computer’s processor can handle it, more power can be equipped later.

-Hard Drive
The hard drive depicts how much storage space is going to be available on the PC. Again, if there’s enough power in the processor, this can be updated. A good, affordable hard drive has a speed of 7200 RPM.

-RAM Card
The Random-Access Memory (RAM) card decides how fast programs run. RAM dictates the power of the programs that the computer can run. Fortunately, this can be changed out or added to easily. The only concern is to ensure the RAM card is compatible with the motherboard.

-Power Supply
The power supply is another simple, yet essential part of the PC. The builder must once more consider the use of their PC. If the person intends to play games, or utilize heavy graphics, more wattage is needed. If the PC is mainly for word and web-browsing, the wattage can be lower and less-expensive.

The case is self-explanatory but important. This is the compartment that houses all the pieces of the PC. Cases come in all sizes and shapes, but the main concern is the noise it makes. Due to the need for airflow, fans can be quite noisy. Dov Bechhofer explains the best thing to do to mitigate noise is to read reviews. Other than that, price varies on how much a person wants to do with their PC.

-Monitor, Keyboard, and Mouse
Obtaining a working monitor, keyboard, and mouse is simple. Basically, people can pay as little or as much as they want for screen quality, gaming functionality, responsiveness, and customization.

-Building the PC
Once all the parts come in, it’s time to bring the PC to life. Dov Bechhofer assures builders that this task sounds far more daunting than it is. For the most part, it’s plug and play. The only thing that the builder should keep in mind is static electricity could damage fragile parts. So, builders should use care when handling the computer parts.

Building an affordable PC can be quite the accomplishment. Having all the pieces come together to form the user’s perfect vision of a PC can be a technological miracle for some. Dov Bechhofer is hopeful that this concise guide has awarded some insight on how to build an affordable PC.

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