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3D Hologram Rental Display Company Commissioned Multiple Display Units For New Chicago Science And Art Museum

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3D Hologram Rentals

3D Hologram Rentals Double Display

3D Hologram Rentals Double Display Supplies A Multiple Holographic Display Installation For Chicago Museum

That spirit of innovation, of blurring the lines between science and art, that’s something we do every day.”
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CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2018 / -- Chicago-based hologram company 3D Hologram Rentals ( ) is proud to announce a new endeavor on behalf of the wndr museum in the West Loop of Chicago. The pairing of the wildly innovative museum with the latest in novel holographic technology is a perfect match, each adding to the artistic, futuristic aesthetic of the other. Commissioned to install two hologram display units, 3D Hologram Rentals has created custom holographic animations that museum-goers will be able to view over the course of several months. These new 3D hologram installations are part of a larger trend, which has prompted popular hologram installations at trade shows and custom 3D displays at conventions.

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The wndr museum is itself part of an emerging trend in “pop up” entertainment. Wndr will take over a space in the West Loop and feature installations that fuse science and art. This innovative, trendy approach to community-based learning is at the heart of the wndr museum’s mission. The two hologram displays designed by 3D Hologram Rentals create the perfect tool to merge science and art in a way that promotes learning, understanding, and wonder. Whether used to advertise at a trade show or corporate branding campaign, 3D hologram technology has a unique ability to blend the lines between art and science, making it a perfect compliment to the wndr museum.

“We were beyond excited when the folks from wndr contact us,” said Mark Smith, founder and owner of 3D Hologram Rentals. “It was just such a great opportunity to really dig in on something we love and something we live. That spirit of innovation, of blurring the lines between science and art, that’s something we do every day.” The hologram displays will be used to visually accent the entrance in a way that museum goers will find easy to digest. To a large extent, that’s the goal of any museum: connecting with an audience in a way that improves education and understanding.

And the wndr museum is not the only such venue popularizing the use of 3D hologram displays. These 3D displays can illustrate machine breakdowns in easy to understand ways. Or they can create intricate, nearly interactive pieces of art that dazzle with their beauty. That’s why, in addition to being found in museums, 3D hologram displays at trade shows, business conventions and high end events are suddenly quite in fashion. Having a 3D hologram installation at your event can go a long way towards creating a special and memorable atmosphere.

“Holograms are perfect for creating a sense of wonder,” Smith continued. “Clearly, the wndr museum had exactly that kind of atmosphere in mind when they started dreaming up their museum.”

The wndr museum has made a special effort to fuse science and artistry into a single, cohesive experience. The utility of 3D Holograms and the ease with which one can rent 3D holograms means that this technology has many applications beyond museums and trade shows. It’s likely that such technology will become the wonder of the future, capturing the attention of a fascinated public with each new hologram.

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About 3D Hologram Rentals: 3D Hologram Rentals is a Chicago-based holographic display rental company. Founded by the team at Chicago Projection Mapping, 3D Hologram Rentals offers 3DHR displays that clients can use live and on site. Because of their extensive history using holographic technologies, the team at 3D Hologram Rentals is able to create and facilitate cutting edge, attention grabbing displays.
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About 3D Hologram Rentals: Chicago Based 3D Hologram Rentals is a hologram device rental company with a well-earned reputation for technical prowess and technological innovation. To see samples of their work or get more details on their pricing models, visit their website at
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