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Dr. Madelyn Blair to be Featured on CUTV News Radio in a Brand New Extended Radio Series

JEFFERSON, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2018 / -- Madelyn Blair is fast becoming a favorite here at CUTV News. A good part of it is her intensity; her drive to share her brilliant organizational psychology insights and transform contemporary businesses and staffs.

While Dr. Blair may have the strength, conviction, and ability to rally the troops that drill sergeants have, she is anything but harsh or dictatorial. Madelyn inspires occasional laughter, constant thinking and interchanges, and a wonderful spirit of teamwork when she presents. Her instruction style is more facilitator than lecturer, and her platform—shaping the resilient leader-- keeps gaining traction.

So, just what comprises a leader? It is not strictly a top executive as one might think, Dr. Blair emphasizes. We are all leaders in our own way: teachers lead classrooms; parents lead children; someone selecting and packaging items in a warehouse is a leader of their own quality and performance. People manage resources, both human and financial, in all types of organizations, and at varying levels. As these different people go around doing their work, they will be confronted with challenges—stress or health conditions, unexpected news, changes in protocol, political or economic shifts—that impact their actions and decisions. There is a moment between the stimulus and the way one chooses to respond, that shows a leader’s real grace and power--and that is the crux of resilience.

Dr. Blair says some people have naturally high resilience, but it is also something that can be nurtured. It takes confidence, curiosity, a good sense of self-identity, a strong foundation in some topic, and a willingness to listen to others’ ideas and learn. These are all things that Dr. Blair builds upon in a workshop. Helping people work and act together more successfully is where her Organizational (or Social) Psychology expertise comes in. Teaching groups to articulate ideas is also part of the learning. Dr. Blair herself is a lifelong learner and keeps acquiring knowledge--as she observes teams, analyzes herself in relation to other leaders, absorbs art and culture, prepares for classes, and reads for two-plus hours daily.

In this series, Dr. Blair will talk about such learning opportunities, share stories about her speaking engagements, and discuss recent topics from her blog on Psychology Today, such as Is silence really silent? She’ll express personal views, on the philosophers who most intrigue her and a love of classical music. She’ll pose the kind of thought-provoking questions that she might put forth at an individual advisory session or workshop. Dr. Blair will talk about the pain-based approach she takes to supporting a business. She’ll clue listeners in to the elements of her Master Classes, why one might hire a Sociologist like her for training, and how to develop something Dr. Blair refers to as The Phenomenal Four.

It will be exciting to hear Dr. Blair discuss her own history in management and executive leadership, including time at The World Bank. Her past activities in budgeting resources, new product development, and people management, including during a RIF, make her more trustworthy and relatable to clients--and today’s leaders.

CUTV News Radio will interview Dr. Madelyn Blair at the following times
Tuesday October 2nd at 12pm EST with Doug Llewelyn
Tuesday October 9th at 12pm EST with Jim Masters
Tuesday October 16th at 12pm EST with Doug Llewelyn
Tuesday October 23rd at 12pm EST with Jim Masters

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