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Client Command® Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent for Marketing Technology Platform

CUMMING, GA, USA, September 27, 2018 / -- Client Command ®, an automotive marketing technology company focused on engaging Active Shoppers™, announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 10,078,844 covering its marketing technology platform. Client Command’s proprietary technology matches online car shopping activity with offline identity data and where applicable and permissible, triggers relevant messages based on that data.

The current industry standard of automotive marketing technology is hyper-focused on leveraging a dealer’s existing database to forecast and predict buying behavior for marketing purposes. In today’s online world, shopping activity takes place anonymously, limiting a dealer’s ability to know who exactly is shopping and how intensely. Most innovation within the industry helps dealerships more efficiently and effectively market to previous customers. Dealers face a significant void when it comes to engaging shoppers outside their database.

The patent covers Client Command’s technology and its ability to connect dealers to Active Shoppers™ who have no prior relationship to that dealership. With this patent, Client Command is positioned as the only entity able to leverage online shopping data to engage both previous customers in a dealer’s database and individuals with whom they hold no first party data relationship.

“In the automotive industry, the first party data relationship is weak,” says Greg Geodakyan, Chief Product Officer. “In ecommerce, banking, hospitality, and other industries, consumers build relationships with brands on a continual basis. Consumers set up accounts, log-in consistently and are shopping or seeking a brand’s service on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis. Automotive is different -- purchases happen every four to five years, consumers are considering ALL options, regardless of where they have received service in the past. Dealers need an innovative approach.”

The recently issued patent not only covers the ability to match actual shoppers to online shopping behavior, but also the platform’s ability to send marketing messages, where applicable, to those matches. This advance in technology provides intelligence and automation that helps dealers be more efficient and effective with their marketing and expand their reach to Active Shoppers™ in their entire market, not just their database.

“In a rapidly-changing and ultra-competitive market for a shrinking number of car buyers, dealerships must stay ahead of the curve in how they engage shoppers and evolve their experience,” says Geodakyan. “With the issuance of this patent, Client Command continues to push the industry forward in technology and innovation to help dealers compete in today’s market.”

About Client Command:

Client Command® is the automotive industry leader for knowing and engaging the Active Shopper™. The company’s patented AI-powered technology delivers the most precise audience identification, matching real-time online shopping behavior with Active Shopper identity. Client Command’s ability to know more about consumers fuels personalized marketing solutions with a proven track record of increasing a dealership’s ability to conquest new and retain existing customers. For more information, visit

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