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Melissa Porterfield of Silk Mountain to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2018 / -- According to recent research, up to 70% of employees in the average workplace are disengaged, and of those 70%, 51% are looking for a new job on the company dime, which leaves the remaining 30% carrying the entire load-not a winning scenario for any company.

With almost 20 years of corporate human resource experience, Melissa Porterfield knows firsthand how critical an organization’s people are to its success.

“If your voluntary turnover is increasing–your good people are leaving–and your employee engagement is decreasing, there is a good chance that your profitability isn’t where you want it to be,” says Porterfield. “Those two metrics alone, can point to a compony culture issue.”

Porterfield is the founder of Silk Mountain, a boutique consultancy firm dedicated to helping startups and mid-sized companies clarify their vision, mission and values to build healthy and sustainable organizational cultures.

“My vision is to put culture at the forefront of growing businesses,” says Porterfield. “And my mission is to help those organizations develop healthy cultures that drive their success in the marketplace though attracting and retaining top talent, increasing employee engagement and reducing customer churn.

When working with a startup to design a culture, Porterfield works directly with the CEO and often the conversation starts when the company is ready to hire their first employee.

“When you start hiring, you need to be looking through the lens of your culture to make sure you’re hiring someone who is the right fit,” says Porterfield. “If you haven’t put thought into what you want your company to look like from a culture standpoint, it’s very challenging to make those first critical hires & at the end of the day, great hiring is about alignment with your vision, mission and values. Too often companies hire out of desperation. They need somebody to help with the workload, pronto, and all too often, those first key hires can be disastrous.”

When working on transforming an existing culture, it becomes a different and often more challenging conversation, as you are likely to be dealing with an established leadership team that may not be in alignment with each other.

“When you’re designing your culture, you don’t have to necessarily start with your vision or mission or values,” says Porterfield. “You can start anywhere to get the thought process going. If you haven’t had an opportunity to think about it, we need to make time together to think about it. Let’s talk about what you value, what’s most important, what you want to see in your employees and in yourself. Let’s talk about the purpose of your company.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Melissa Porterfield in an interview with Jim Masters on September 26th at 3pm EDT.

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