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National Black Chamber of Commerce Aspires to Transform Minority and Low-Income Communities

Entrepreneurial Hubs of Economic Innovation with Job Training, Access to 5G Technology and Low-Income Housing

This successful prototype will revolutionize economic development in these distressed areas.”
— Harry C. Alford, president and CEO
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 20, 2018 / -- The National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is launching a prototype project that will transform minority, low-income and rural communities from forgotten places into entrepreneurial hubs of economic innovation. Our goal is to create communities with access to 5G technology, integrated into low-income housing, job training and access to telemedicine and social services. It will all be done with private sector resources.

"This successful prototype will revolutionize economic development in these distressed areas," says Harry C. Alford, president and CEO. We have identified the city, we have political and church support. We have private sector developers who will bid on the project.

To start this trans-formative effort NBCC needs your financial support to begin the on-the-ground planning work to convert the idea into a clear, workable plan that can be implemented. We need to raise $25,000 in the next month to develop the plan. That is only $25 from a hundred interested donors or $50 from five-hundred, or $100 from 250 donors. If you make a small donation, we will have the resources to develop this plan.

This is a small request to start a monumental trans-formative project that when successful, will transform minority and low-income communities across the nation.

Donations by check can be made to National Black Chamber of Commerce, 4400 Jennifer St, Suite 331, Washington, DC 20015. To donate by credit card click here. The NBCC is a 501©3 nonprofit corporation.

Without access to high-speed broadband, minority and low-income communities will be permanently stuck in a wasteland which has few jobs, few skills, few employers and little access to education. Recent studies indicate that in the next decade over 50% of the U.S. working population will work as “freelancers”. To address the future these minority, low-income and rural communities need to develop a path that helps them create jobs in their communities.

The foundation of the prototype is to combine technology (cell towers and small cell 5G technology) and low-income housing (built with federal low-income housing tax credits) in a community to provide the residents with access to the world. The technology without people and workers is useless. Housing without technology is just another housing project or Digital Desert. It is the combination that provides a future to the community.

These minority and low-income communities do not have the money to build their own telecommunications infrastructure or housing. The federal government has talked about funding rural broadband for years but with little success. Now a bipartisan group of Senators is actively promoting the AIRWAVES Act to fund 5G technology in low-income and rural areas with revenues from the auctions that sell spectrum, the fruits of those very needed efforts are most likely years in the future. Minority and rural communities certainly do not have the time to wait for government funding. We must see if the private sector can do it now.

When the prototype project is successful, the NBCC will work with communities across the country that want to overcome impediments to success. Armed with an honest assessment of what they want to become NBCC will work with them to persuade those with resources to invest in their entrepreneurial vision. Not possible? Well, every major social change starts with a different vision of the future.

It’s now time to apply creative thinking to transforming these forgotten people and communities into entrepreneurial hubs. Please make your contribution today. For more information email

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