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Glen Alex to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2018 / -- For most people who want to look like a thin or buff celebrity they will tend to emulate their diet and lifestyle hoping to capture their same body type and image. When one fad diet doesn’t work they try another and another, generally to no avail. What is the ideal way to become our healthiest, most authentic selves where we can finally accomplish our best selves inside and out?

Glen is a Speaker, Health & Wellness Coach, Clinical Social Worker, and Author of “Living in Total Health.”

“Living in Total Health” is about each individual’s unique path to their optimal level of health,” says Glen. “Everyone should take into account their own personal situation including lifestyle, finances, needs, and recognize what works the best for them on an emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical level. People tend to focus way too much on diet and exercise but the fact is we are comprised of much more than our size and metabolism Total Health integrates the whole person.”

Glen’s straight forward, no nonsense approach encourages clients to authentically take a new perspective on connecting to their core rather than their ego. She affirms how every choice has a positive, negative, or neutral outcome. For instance if a person has diabetes in their family and that person chooses to consume excess sugar, then their choices are leading them to a potentially negative consequence—diabetes and kidney disease for examples. Through her expert coaching, Glen methodically and skillfully seeks out her client’s motivations and goals then provides much needed information, guidance, and clarity.

“When a person is “aware” of what they are doing, thinking and feeling then they are better able to accept the consequences,” says Glen. “Making conscious choices places you in a more powerful position than making them “blindly.”

Glen’s insightful message includes how people must be sincerely open to new ideas and genuinely accept responsible for their own decisions.

“When people aren’t proactive in their lives they leave it up to chance and then get upset when things don’t work out in their favor,” says Glen. “Living in total health requires a level of awareness that provides the learning opportunities for overall improvement.”

“When people simply focus on diet and exercise ignoring those other components of who they are they are limiting themselves. By living in total health we become aware of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual parts of how we live and not just what our bodies look like”

According to Glen, people are not aware of who they are because they are living from their ego and not their core.

“Everything we need is within and connecting with our personal truth provides the insights that lead to total health and well-being.” says Glen. “Since health is more than just physical, our mental, emotional, and spiritual selves must unequivocally be addressed in any health program. When we are linked with our core the truth of who we really are has a powerful peaceful flow that helps us evolve and progress. Live consciously and you will be find joy and be connected to your true selves.”

CUTV news will feature Glen Alex in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Wednesday September 19th at 10 a.m. EST.

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