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Annette Fazio to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

FORT MYERS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2018 / -- If you long to make a difference, however small, then Annette Fazio’s Finding The Leader Within: A Journey of Commitment and Courage is the book for you. Finding The Leader Within demonstrates leadership in its simplest form. It’s an inspired account of self-confidence and how breakthrough change is available to everyone, immediately.

“Finding the Leader Within is about having the self-confidence to lead from where you are standing,” says Fazio. “You see what needs to be done and you step up and take the lead. Most people don't realize that, most of the time, they are already subconsciously leading.”

Annette found her leader within through her personal challenges of being a single mom and then through her business, which enables her to connect with individuals wherever they are on their journey. She has a passion for the practical, common sense side of life and business. An entrepreneur and author, Annette speaks professionally on self-confidence and business success to women’s organizations, business owners and managers. She focuses on strong ethics and values that not only create employee loyalty, but also spreads an attitude of integrity, employee confidence, leadership among the ranks, and ultimately business longevity.

Ms. Fazio connects the everyday lives and experiences of the members of Engine 214, and Ladder 111 with a handful of townspeople of York, Maine, who wanted to help ease the grief of 9/11. She weaves powerful stories of ordinary people who took action to benefit others, and how the smallest of ideas can develop momentum and change lives forever.

Finding The Leader Within shows how to recognize and ignite the leader already present in you.

"Finding the Leader Within is dedicated to the New York City Firefighters,” says Annette. “Every chapter starts with a firefighter's story and stands alone. Everyone agrees that firefighters are courageous, but individuals have their own emotional burning buildings. They have to go in, put out the fire, stay to rebuild, and do it with grace and dignity. What they don’t seem to see is how much of a big deal that is. The book inspires people to realize their own strength and capabilities they already possess, which builds the self-confidence to take action and ‘lead from where you are standing.’”

“Here's the real lesson in leadership: when you have the self-confidence you automatically lead, people see what you are doing, and it gives them the courage to step out and take action, even if it’s a small action that helps out in a minor way. That is the definition of taking the lead from where you're standing and real leadership.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Annette Fazio in an interview with Jim Masters on September 12th and September 26th at 11am EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on September 19th at 11am EDT.

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