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Harriette McDonough of Three Arms: Energy Balancing to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2018 / -- Traditional psychotherapy follows the mechanistic “Newtonian” medical model, which is based on the theory that our bodies are machines and can be healed by separating out the problem areas without considering the whole. Unfortunately, traditional psychotherapy has followed this limited view as well. The multi-layers of trauma experienced by many people today in our complex world demands that psychotherapists look beyond just talk therapy and medication. They must broaden their view and healing tool bag to include holistic approaches that explore the discordant energy and spiritual fields of the body, mind and soul.

Harriette McDonough, LCSW, DCEP is the founder of Three Arms: Energy Balancing where she specializes in cutting-edge energy psychology, psychosensory and energy balancing techniques. These holistic and organic techniques help reduce stress, anxiety, trauma and create more peace within her clients. Harriette’s work is the perfect adjunct to traditional psychotherapy to provide a complete healing approach.

“My first objective with clients who show up at my door in desperate and suffering states is to assure them that they will leave my office with some emotional relief, a renewed sense of hope that there is a holistic path leading to the light at the end of the tunnel,” says Harriette.

Harriette teaches daily energy balancing exercises, meditation, and techniques to calm her clients in the next exact moment of distress.

“When someone is having a panic attack at 3am they need a “go-to” calming technique that is easy and works fast,” says Harriette

Energy psychology is based on the premise that “all negative emotion is a disruption in our energy field.” Harriette uses cutting edge techniques to complement traditional talk therapy such as Emotional Freedom Technique® (tapping) to quiet ruminating thoughts; Havening Technique® for PTSD; Integrated Energy Therapy® and Reiki® for overall peace to name a few. The combination of traditional and energy psychology techniques creates a holistic based psychotherapy setting to facilitate and reactivate the client’s natural ability to restore balance, calm and well-being into their emotional physical and spiritual systems while helping to move through obstacles such as addictive behavior, limiting beliefs, ancestral wounds, trauma, fear and self-sabotaging behavior.

“Most clients don’t show up at my door until they have been on the traditional route for quite some time,” says Harriette. “They are taking medications and can name their diagnoses in detail. They have talked for years about depression, trauma or childhood abuse. They are taking medications and can name their diagnoses in detail. But they don’t feel better. This is the time for energy psychology techniques to help drill down to the core of the body’s energy fields and find the energetic causes and balance them.”

When dealing with clients who have lifelong deep emotional body, mind, and spiritual trauma, Harriette will use an energy psychology set of “shamanic-like” protocols known as Soul Detective®: Multidimensional Healing Tools.

“Soul Detective helps me diagnose from an energetic vantage point if the trauma the client is experiencing might have come to this lifetime or from a past life, or the client picked up a spiritual virus,” says Harriette. “I am often asked if I believe in the real existence of past lives, earthbound spirits and things of that nature. My response is that the ego mind from an early age, creates a critical voice and complex belief system based on fear, set for survival and determined to control all thoughts, words and deeds performed by an individual. By disentangling this illusionary ball of knotted limiting beliefs, misinterpretations of others actions and inability to let go of past trauma, Soul Detective meets the client exactly where they are and shines a light to their inner guidance and a healthier, happier path of thinking, feeling and behaving.

“Clients are reluctant to have these kinds of conversations with their traditional psychotherapist. I am the safe place. When the client and I discover and clear together these energetic blockages, the client can continue with more confidence their emotional processing with their original therapist.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Harriette McDonough in an interview with Jim Masters on September 17th at 1pm EDT

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