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Holly Wells of Eye Love Nature Returns to CUTV News Radio in a Six-Part Radio Series

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2018 / -- When a boss manages a group of employees, often he or she creates a positive or negative environment for those workers. How often do we effectively provide constructive feedback about our boss or co-worker, if they belittle us or make us feel inadequate? Shouldn’t a great boss respect and inspire their employees? If you are the boss, shouldn’t you be acting respectfully and inspiring? It seems simple and logical, yet there is a tremendous amount of individuals in management today that have yet to grasp this concept. Respecting oneself, acting respectfully, is a grounding fundamental of commanding respect from others. What if there is a distinguished coach that can guide these leaders to become the most superlative bosses we could ever imagine?

Holly is a corporate consultant, speaker, aspiring author, and president of Eye Love Nature.

“When I recently took a sabbatical I got the opportunity to mediate and read,” says Holly. “I was able to come up with tools to relax and transition myself into a better integrated whole person. Now I have a new skill set to offer my clients, by shifting into executive life coaching.”

Holly aspires to lead by example, and to help other executives and their companies, by taking a more full-bodied approach to leadership and separating complex issues down, in order to better address and devise implementable win-win solutions. Sharing these tools, and focusing on sustainable leadership feels in alignment with her life experiences and passion. She’s also determined to continue advocating for a sustainable planet where people are able to eat healthy organic foods and stay fit and rejuvenated. Holly is certified as an eating psychology coach stressing it’s about collaboration of mind, body, and spirit.

“My philosophy for crafting great leaders is focused on respect,” says Holly. “All of this comes from the top in an organization. A leader must absolutely respect themselves and the people around them. When employees feel valued they will come to you with ideas that could be a fantastic outcome. All resourceful ideas don’t always come from the top down.”

According to Holly rewarding your employees by giving them a vacation ideally creates a more productive employee. An example of a win-win solution. Seeing the bigger picture.

“My hope is for people to be in a better, healthier place,” says Holly. “To live life fearlessly and with upmost confidence to follow their dreams.”

She’s now ready to take people to their next level of success. Reclaim your self love, follow your passion. Positive attitude matters; you have the power to make work and your life more genuinely enjoyable, successful. Become the role model you always wished you had. Create inner harmony; lead with strength and purpose. We each contribute to the world we live in. It’s simply a choice. What will you contribute?

“You just need to have the willingness to take action when presented life options instead of hesitating take that leap of faith,” says Holly. “Become a catalyst for positive change and shape your destiny.”

CUTV news will feature Holly Wells in a six-part series of interviews with Doug Llewelyn and Jim Masters.

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