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Author Dr. Joanne Denko to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

ROCKY RIVER, OHIO, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2018 / -- Dr. Joanne Denko has enjoyed a dual career as both a renowned psychiatrist and author of nine books, a number of which are written under her pen name Dr. Victoria C.G. Greenleaf, MD.

“I chose psychiatry because it lies at the interface of between the sciences and humanities,” says Dr. Denko. “I have always loved literature and history, particularly the history of science. While I was seeing patients, if circumstances presented an opportunity, I would write about it in a way that I thought was worthwhile for people to know and understand.”

As Dr. Victoria Greenleaf, she is the author of Envy: A Survey of Its Psychology and History, which addresses both its negative, painful aspects, and its positive, constructive uses.

“It it’s a fascinating subject, seldom talked about, and yet everyone suffers from it from some time or another. It’s a painful emotion,” says Dr. Denko. “Over the decades I gathered incidents about envy and envy in world literature and from that I wrote my book on the history and psychology of envy.”

Dr. Denko has also written two volumes of poetry. A mother of three sons, she would often be taken by surprise by tender, heartwarming, jewel-like incidents in her mother/child relationships and was struck by how poetry-worthy these experiences were. She collected these poems in her first poetry book. Her second was a collection of analogous experiences in nature, as her family traveled to places of ecologic interest.

Dr. Denko is currently working on a family biography, The Denko Family Chronicles, which she intends to leave to her grandchildren.

“I feared our family history would not be passed on to my grandchildren in any meaningful way unless I put it into writing,” explains Dr. Denko. Now they will have a way to know about their roots when I’m gone. When you hear a story second hand, it changes every time. I don’t want anyone to play telephone. I want it all down in black and white.”

In collecting information for her grandchildren, she realized her husband’s story should stand alone because of his reputation and contribution to the field of rheumatology.”

That book, The Life of Charles W. Denko PhD, MD, is a biography about her late husband, the prominent rheumatologist whose pioneering research focused on the causes and treatment of osteoarthritis. During his lifetime, Dr. Charles Denko published more than 100 scientific articles, presenting his findings at rheumatology conferences around the world. The book is a collection of vignettes and meditations written by Joanne, as well as those who knew him best: his sons, his colleagues and friends.

Dr. Denko later published a shorter version of the biography as A Quiet Hero: The Life of Charles W. Denko, PhD, MD for use in schools and libraries to serve as an inspiration to young people.

“For many years my husband would always begin his lectures with ‘Fellow students;’ he considered everyone to be lifetime students of science and he certainly was,” recalls Dr. Denko. “I certainly have tried to do his life justice through this book and I believe that’s helped by the fact it’s not just me saying wonderful things about him, but other people as well.”

Says Dr. Denko: “My success in life comes from my parents, but also my late husband, who loved me and supported me in all my projects.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Joanne Denko in an interview with Jim Masters on September 5th at 2pm EDT.

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