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Mariya Shiyko to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2018 / -- Doctors all over the world prescribe medication for chronic pain and other health conditions that come with side effects but, most importantly, treat symptoms, not the cause. Yet, 99% of illnesses are stress related. What if we had within us the ability to heal ourselves and feel empowered to take charge not only of our health but also our lives? What if there was a highly skilled individual that could guide us towards a much needed balanced path of health, wellness, and ultimate joy?

Dr. Mariya Shiyko is an esteemed Professor, Holistic Life & Business Coach, Scientist, Energy Healer, and a Spiritual Medium.

“I started experimenting on myself and gravitated to alternative sciences because it felt more natural to me. It put me in the center of my own healing process. I learned about myself, the connection between my thoughts, emotions, and the body; and how my physical and mental aches are symptoms but not the cause,” says Mariya. “With natural medicine I was able to find a healer inside and positively affect my whole being. Find creativity, inspiration, joy. Now I guide my clients in an intuitive and gentle manner to help them align in their mind, body, and soul.”

Mariya was inspired to go into coaching through her own harrowing struggles and challenges. She gained momentum working for a prestigious research center and tremendous success in her professional academic career, but deep inside she felt a void and disconnect with herself and the world around. At that point, she started asking questions. This journey took her all around the world. She learned from other cultures, other ways of relating to life, studied alternative healing, meditation, yoga, and spiritual practices.

“Through my coaching, I am mostly inspired to see how my clients find the power within to make different choices in life about health, relationships and business. They overcome fears and connect to their passion and joy,” says Mariya.

Being an accomplished professor and a scientist helps her to see traditional and alternative perspectives and how they co-exist.

“I have wholeheartedly witnessed positive results in my clients,” says Mariya. “They gain a happier mind set, clarity and purposefulness that is literally life changing. Instead of a victim mentality, they transform into creators of their lives. Through connection to the source within, they are able to let go of deep rooted pain and anguish, trust themselves, make positive life change and adopt a creative and resilient mindset.”

Mariya upholds the widely accepted evidence-based theory that most diseases are stress related and manageable if we learn to face and transform our inner anxieties and struggles.

Alternative medicine is not a substitute for Western sciences, but an important tool of self-empowerment that can only enhance scientific advances. It is not just a magic pill, but a life-long commitment of inner and outer transformation.

“We are very much a society that tolerates pain and doesn’t listen to our inner voice warning us that changes are necessary,” says Maya. “It is evident in the pandemic of stress and stress-related conditions, work and marital dissatisfaction, and political and social problems. We are human and face many trying moments. Yet, there is a tremendous power within to find wholeness and in the process, impact our communities. No external trials exceed our creative power to build lives filled with joy and genuine love for life.”

CUTV news will feature Mariya Shiyko in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Tuesday September 4th at 1 p.m. EST and with Jim Masters on Tuesday September 11th at 1 p.m. EST.

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