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Debra Ford Returns to CUTV News Radio in a Brand New Show

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 3, 2018 / -- Every thought, every emotion, every life situation affects your personal energy. For all of us, each and every day, our personal energy moves between expansion and collapse, depending on what is going on inside of you and outside of you. Just like a balloon being inflated and deflated.

Everyone has an energetic aura and a healthy personal energy expands eight to ten feet away from your body. It expands out in all directions - up, down, front, back. Imagine yourself existing in the middle of your energetic balloon.

Life is a journey filled everyday with ups and downs. There are light and dark moments that you are challenged to navigate. In each moment of each day, your personal energy is changing as you respond to what was going on in your life. Collapsed inwards towards your body and expanding outwards away from your body depending on what you are experiencing.

Your positive expanding energy moves out from your body as far as thirty feet. Your negative collapsed energy implodes onto your body. Imagine your energetic balloon filling with air, being blown up when you are experiencing positive expanding energy. Conversely, your energetic balloon feels popped, with all of the air escaping when you are experiencing negative collapsed energy, causing your energy to collapse onto your skin.

“When we have positive, optimistic thoughts and emotions our energy expands, but when our thoughts and emotions are negative, personal energy collapses. SolePath provides help with life direction to study and understand how to manage personal energy and have more of what we want - happiness.” says Dr. Debra Ford.

When you are experiencing positive expanding energy, you feel good, you experience positive emotions, and you feel well. All of the good things in life are only possible in positive expanding energy – including mental and physical health, happiness and success. This is when you are connected to source energy, to your higher self, to your innate wisdom. In positive expanding energy, you can think clearly, make good decisions and find solutions to problems that lead to great outcomes.

The cycle of negative collapsed energy is where you feel bad, you experience negative emotions and feel physically unwell. You feel disconnected from Source, from your higher self, from your innate wisdom. You can’t think straight, you make bad decisions and you can’t find solutions to your problems.

In the SolePath world this energy expansion is called your LightPaths and the energy collapse is your DarkPath. With a SolePath reading you have the remarkable opportunity to study yourself and have more of the expanding energy you desire.

“With SolePath you put the focus back on yourself,” says Debra. “SolePath is nothing more than a deep study of self, an understanding of what expands you and what collapses you. So that you can be happier. Most of the time you can’t change the situation around you, but you certainly can change the energy within you.”

Your LightPaths encompass your mental and physical health. Your DarkPath is where you get sick, anxious and stressed and this occurs because your energy is distorted and crumpled. To manage your energy and get to expanding energy, it must begin with the study of self.

“Not to ignore what you are feeling, nor to diminish the experience of what you are going through, but to find ways to cope better with life’s challenges. It’s not about pretending to be happy but genuinely feeling joyful and obtaining inner peace” says Debra.

SolePath is the study of what makes you tick and what make you personally feel positive. SolePath gives you an understanding of why you feel the way that you do.

“Everyone should know it is possible to be happy and find peace even within a life that can be so extremely difficult,” says Debra. “It is my objective to help everyone discover solace, comfort, and real, sincere happiness.”

CUTV news will feature Debra Ford an interview with Jim Masters Tuesday September 4th at 2 p.m. EST.

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