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Master Health Practitioner and Brain Body Coach Luz Jaramillo to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

QUEENS VILLAGE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2018 / -- If you know the Spanish language you will realize that Luz means light. With Luz Jaramillo her name was her destiny, to be a beacon. She’s one of the rare professionally-trained social workers and health coaches to practice bilingually, and reaches clients in Spain, Latin America, New York City and universally. She becomes their ray of light--pointing the way to greater health overall by focusing on the brain-body connection.

In her youth, Luz struggled with learning issues that included poor memory and concentration. The techniques she used to make the weak parts of her brain stronger made a major difference for her, and she began to utilize them while becoming a Social Worker and then practicing, which included time in a Dementia Unit. Luz was so successful her career lasted 16 years. She then desired more flexibility, to continue her studies and be more available to her family. Her additional health training led to Certification as a Life Coach and a Stress Management advisor. Luz is also Master Certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a Brain Health Coach.

Luz explains the way brain health is connected to other aspects of your health — such as obesity, dementia, hypertension, cardiac issues, and even cancer. She says once you understand how the brain works, anyone can learn methods to strengthen its capacity and achieve greater focus, balance and health management. Even burnout--traditionally signaled by low energy, low productivity and negativity and so common for frenzied New Yorkers--can be turned around when you understand the connection to brain health. Luz also believes that seniors with brain fog, and persons suffering from Dementia, can improve their brain function, since the brain is capable of regenerating cells when properly stimulated.

One technique Luz uses with clients is Neuro Linguistic Programming. This is a means of teaching people to think in a different way—one that is not saddled by subconscious memories, negativity or poor choices of the past. By setting goals, doing deep thinking and meditation, and in essence reprogramming the brain, everything one can think of is something they can become.

Luz notes some signs of poor brain health are difficulty concentrating and expressing words, feeling overwhelmed, and frequent negative thoughts. These can all be changed, as well as their connection to physical health and disease. Luz starts with an intense evaluation and then works with clients individually. It can be as simple as a tip, like closing your eyes when you take a shower, or a single session. Sometimes it takes a few sessions. When possible, Luz recommends the comprehensive eight-week package that includes knowing your brain, making positive changes for your body, meditation, neuroplasticity and more. Together, you learn to improve brain and body health, cope with stress, and achieve peace and goals. Her strategic and holistic services sure can optimize your health--and life.

CUTV News will feature brain body coach Luz Jaramillo in an interview with Jim Masters on Thurs, Aug 30 @ 11:00am

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