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Kathrin M. Wyss to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2018 / -- Leaders are undeniably indispensable for the proper functioning of any organization from non-profits, companies, corporations, to agencies. But what qualities and skills define an exceptional manager, mentor, or boss? In order to direct people to greatness leaders also need to be guided by an expert to help them understand the value of how every facet of their character essentially affects how well they guide others.

Kathrin M. Wyss is an exceptional transformation coach, leadership trainer, and author of the book “Dare to Trust.”

“I’m about creating awareness to assist my clients to acquire empowerment from within,” says Kathrin. “So subsequently leaders are facilitating a congruent and aligned self-expression of who they are. Following their strategic and tactical pathway to the manifestation of the aspired vision in business aligns their authentic self and how they represent their company. And this directly links and determines what the company is able to achieve.”

Having studied pharmaceutical science and worked in leading positions in top-notch health care companies and governmental agencies for nearly two decades, Kathrin recognized the importance of exemplary leadership to expertly guide employees to run a successful company. Her enthusiastic passion for business and taking care of people in a healing sense led her to becoming an “authenticity guru” and business coach.

“It’s really based on the self that leaders find their true authenticity,” says Kathrin. “Executive presence is reflected in the person’s character but it starts with integrity and a clear path of what they seek to achieve.”

Through Kathrin’s ingenious coaching clients are touched by the discovery of their inner strength, resources and wisdom, which excels their leadership path and ultimately shapes their career and businesses ventures.

“I have diligently studied numerous theories,” says Kathrin. “But I’m also firmly guided by alignment of who you are in your body, what you feel, your profound level of knowledge, and where you are linked into the universe. It’s absolutely critical for individuals to stay true to their hearts, bodies, and belief systems.”

“My job is to support leader’s development and help them aspire their desires and goals while being myself rooted in my expanding wisdom and experience,” says Kathrin. “Doing so assists leaders to outgrow their own limitations and helps them to perform at optimum level which then gears the business to effortlessly reach success.”

As the head of any organizations if you are able to lead yourself consistently and authentically only then can you can lead and inspire other people without the risk of becoming burnt out.

”My mantra is dare to trust who you are and follow what you manifest,” says Kathrin. “I dream of an honorable and virtuous world.”

CUTV news will feature Kathrin M. Wyss in an interview with Jim Masters August 29th at 1 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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