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Mari L. McCarthy of Create Write Now

MARSHFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, August 24, 2018 / -- We are all masters of self-sabotage. We must allot time each day for a sacred practice to avoid the self-sabotage that’s always around the corner and show our true, authentic self that we're number one in our lives.

Mari L. McCarthy is a therapeutic journaling guru and the founder of CreateWriteNow, a journaling power center, where she helps health-conscious individuals use therapeutic journaling to heal and create the happy, healthy life they want to live.

“There's only one right way to journal: your way,” says McCarthy. “It's all about putting the pen to the page every day. When you put the pen to the page every day, that's where the rubber meets the road and you can search the depths of your soul.”

For McCarthy, journaling began as a physical therapy exercise. McCarthy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 27 years ago and would later lose all feeling on the right side of her body.

At the time McCarthy was a high-powered business woman, so she had to teach herself how to write with her left hand as soon as possible. That’s when she was introduced to Morning Pages by Julia Cameron.

“Morning Pages is about writing as soon as you wake up, as you're coming into consciousness, bringing your whole being into the process,” says McCarthy. “Within three weeks I was able to write with my left hand.”

It was a miracle, but perhaps not in the way one might expect. In the process of journaling, McCarthy would recall from her strict Catholic childhood that she had originally been left-handed. The nuns had forced her to write with her right hand.

“That’s when I realized journaling was way more than physical therapy!” says McCarthy. “I started getting into all kinds of memories and feelings. I started hearing rhymes and writing poetry. It became an addiction to me, so I just kept at it. I thought, ‘At some point down the road I'm going to share this with the world so they can realize who really lives in their body.’”

McCarthy says journaling reconnects us to our power, our talent, the intelligence that we all have in us. Journaling is a marvelous, free tool that helps us remove all the baggage and the clutter and the craziness and returns us to the brilliant, talented, fantastic person we were when we arrived into this world.

“Right now all your characters, your stories, your poems, your greatest creative ideas are on the other side of a wall. Journaling helps us open the door so they can all run out.”

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