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Vicki Ellis of CB Intrinsic Techniques for Chronic Pain Control to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

FORT COLLINS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2018 / -- It is estimated that 1.5 billion people across the world suffer from tremendously debilitating chronic or persistent pain. Desperate for relief they turn to over-the-counter or prescription drugs and medications, risking side effects that over time can cause life threatening illnesses. So, what can we do to end pain’s control over us and live healthier, more joyful lives? What if there is an amazing individual that has developed natural tools to combat chronic pain, so we won’t need pain pills?

Vicki Ellis teaches others how to control their chronic pain to the point of stopping it using very specific Touch and Mindfulness techniques. The methods are ‘intrinsic’ because they stop pain literally from within. Each method can be backed by current neuroscience research.

“The mind instinctively creates the sensation of pain for illness or injury, so we will respond by taking appropriate action,” says Vicki. “As tissues heal, pain instinctively stops. That is normal. Unfortunately, the nervous system can also create pain when it is not needed. That abnormal pain may become persistent or chronic.”

According to Vicki, we lack instincts for stopping chronic pain, but we can learn techniques to effectively trick the nervous system into ending chronic pain itself. With her CB Intrinsic Touch and specific Mindfulness techniques, it is possible to re-establish normal pain patterns. As chronic pain subsides, muscle function often improves, too.”

Vicki is a Neuroscientist, Lecturer, Master Life Coach and author of the book Chronic Pain Control: Altering Reality. Born with a debilitating connective tissue disorder that makes it easier for tendons, ligaments and muscles to tear and bones to break, resulting in nearly three dozen surgeries so far, she has lifelong experience with chronic pain. Driven her whole life to find an intrinsic and healthy way to stop her pain, this disorder served a valuable purpose because she finally succeeded. Vicki stumbled onto her personal discovery of the CB Intrinsic Touch in 2010. Combining the Touch with stress reduction techniques that she teaches for pain control and verifying the techniques with current literature from neuroscience research, Vicki passes on these techniques so people around the globe can quickly control their terrible discomfort, too. These astonishingly easy techniques are miraculous and life transforming.

“Fortunately, pain is subjective and intangible, which enables us to control it with specially designed techniques that neutralize our instinctive reactions to chronic pain,” says Vicki. “By practicing these skills, we unravel abnormal chronic pain patterns and relieve the restrictions that pain exerts on muscle function. We can teach the same nervous system that creates chronic pain to unlearn that pain instead. Pain controls us through instinct, but incredibly, we can control pain with techniques we learn from a book. Knowledge Really is Power.”

Reading Vicki’s detailed book is the ideal way to expertly learn and master her powerful CB Intrinsic Touch and Mindfulness techniques to control your own chronic pain, re-establish normal pain patterns and for some conditions, improve muscle function, too.

CUTV news will feature Vicki Ellis in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Friday August 24th at 2 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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