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Tom Steward PA of the Light on the Mountain to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2018 / -- There's a yearning inside each of us for a sense of wholeness and simplicity. We all want to be well. We all want to be relieved of our suffering. We all want to transform our reality and bring ourselves into the light.

Tom Steward is a licensed psychotherapist and founder of The Light on the Mountain, a ministry of transformation. The Light on the Mountain exists to bring healing and transformation to Los Alamos and the surrounding communities of northern New Mexico.

“I knew my life's purpose had to do with transformation,” says Steward. “Even as a child that word meant a lot to me somehow. I've always been searching for the best and quickest way to help people get better. What's the best way to relieve people's sufferings. I want to have enough in my toolbox that I've got something for everything that may come up.”

People generally go to therapy for any number of reasons: depression, relationship problems, anxiety, panic, psychosis. They may not come for physical problems, but there's always something hidden beneath our physical problems worth exploring. Repressed emotions can lead to illness and disease.

In response, Steward has developed The Spirit Code System, a new energy healing protocol.

“In the Spirit Code system, our principle aim is to search the body’s consciousness, with the help of Spirit. We find energies that need to be released so we can experience a transformation of body, mind, soul and spirit and live our lives with more freedom, purpose and truth,” says Steward. “My main agenda is to intuitively connect with a person and access information from their body that can help figure out what kind of repressed emotions may be the energetic source of their depression, anxiety or even an illness like cancer.”

“I’m for anything that will bring about relief and healing in people,” says Steward. “I do traditional CBT when that's called for, but I just feel like there's more that can be offered with a wider spiritual venue. When you consider divine spirit, that's what we're trying to manifest while we're here, that's who we're trying to become. So whatever tool that I use, it’s about getting them closer to who they really are.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Tom Steward in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on August 24th at 11am and with Jim Masters on August 31st at 11am EDT.

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