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Heidi Korsch to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2018 / -- For people who suffer from chronic pain it is an absolute unbearable way to live and many people turn to drugs and pills hoping for lasting relief. Although medication can certainly help it is not without risky side effects. But what if there were a highly gifted individual who can naturally heal our physical and emotional pain without any medication and provide us with a much better quality of life?

Heidi Korsch is a highly regarded energy integrator healer, Reiki master, Life Coach, speaker, Business consultant, and the founder and owner of Life Balance with Heidi.

“I wholeheartedly love helping people with their physical and emotional pain using my own unique life changing technique,” says Heidi. “My clients experience profound results sometimes in only one session. Since I can work with them right over the phone or through Skype I can help people from anywhere in the world.”

Heidi first discovered the remarkable wonder of energy healing when she began experiencing intense, crippling back pain and after being hospitalized and refusing the doctors suggestion to have surgery. Heidi decided to seek an alternative holistic method and discovered energy healing worked wonders to eliminate her intense suffering. Once again, she was able to resume her active lifestyle and the joy of living pain free.

“I don’t need to physically touch people,” says Heidi. “Basically by scanning their bodies I feel where the blockages are and eliminate them. We unwittingly create these blockages in our lives that can take us off balance and create fatigue, illness, stress and chronic pain. By addressing and ultimately clearing these obstructions we remove trauma and diseases and feel extraordinarily better.”

Heidi graciously provides a free mini-session so people can get a taste of her effective healing technique. Once a month she holds workshops where numerous people approach her with their physical ailments like back, hip, neck, and shoulder pain. Heidi offers discount packages and people can choose however many sessions they wish. If her clients have more serious pain most likely they will need a few sessions but can generally obtain relief in just one.

“I do this every day and I physically feel better after I help people,” says Heidi. “My energy healing work has made me genuinely the happiest and most fulfilled I have ever been in my entire life.”

According to Heidi when people go to doctors the reason they are not completely cured is because the root cause of their issue has not been examined. In her thorough and highly effective sessions she addresses all underlying issues that clients are experiencing which is vital to overall healing and wellness.

“I am honored and delighted to bring my powerful energy integration technique to those individuals who struggle with pain and obstacles that interfere with the true quality of living life to the fullest.”

CUTV news will feature Heidi Korsch in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday August 23rd at 1 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on our guest please visit www.Lifebalance.Life or Heidi's page on Facebook

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