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Debra Silverman Astrology to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 21, 2018 / -- Astrology is an ancient practice which is a combination of art and science based on the positioning of planets, stars, time of day, and the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Astrology has been discerningly used by spiritual gurus, politicians, celebrities, emperors, priests, and practitioners who are soul searching and seeking guidance. One particularly extraordinary individual is not only astutely providing people with remarkable astrological readings but helping them acquire the gifts to also carry on her legacy.

Debra Silverman is a highly regarded gifted astrologer for over forty years and the author of the book “The Missing Element.” She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Dance from York University and a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University.

“Astrology is the oldest science on earth effectively mastered through reading an individual’s psychological patterns,” says Debra. “It is an ingenious language to skillfully address who we authentically are and the reasons for our behavior, then ultimately helps us identify those issues and challenges weighing us down.”

Astrology essentially divulges answers to questions like the things in our psyche that constantly repeat themselves and what are some of the patterns we can’t get rid of relating to health, finances, relationships, anxiety and depression that may be plaguing us. The fact is there are many variations of psychological patterns that are repetitive and to figure out these patterns Debra simply executes an astrological chart that indicates the answers.

“Unlike psychic readings I don’t utilize astrology as a predictive tool it’s more of a personality assessment to reach your soul,” says Debra. “People sincerely and genuinely discover their own answers. They become enlightened and self -aware of their weaknesses and strengths because once they identify the pattern they can readily change it.”

Debra runs an intensive 6-12 week online course to become an expert astrologer. Students should really possess a naturally keen interest in people and includes thoroughly learning the 12 zodiac signs and personality traits. Thousands of people around the world have taken her classes and have embarked on money making gratifying careers.

“My goal is to promote and encourage happiness and health so people live the life they dream and imagine,” says Debra. “ I have the greatest job helping people facilitate their authentic self.”

But first you must recognize what unconsciously it is about your personality perpetuating negative thoughts that prevent you from obtaining your ambitions, goals, and desires. Astrology indicates the clues like a magical shortcut through life’s rigorous journey.

“This is an extremely mysterious, magical life that includes a cosmic and enormous vantage point brought to us by the stars and ancient wisdom,” says Debra. “If we acquire the big picture and focus it’s so much easier to accept the broken hearts we inevitably face. My job as an astrologer to keep igniting the fire in people encouraging them every day to give back the deepest affection to that which has graciously given you love.”

CUTV news will feature Debra Silverman in an interview with Jim Masters on Tuesday August 21st at 12 Noon EST.

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