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New Mantra Quest Website Reveals Secrets to Life-Changing Powers of Ancient Mantras

REWARI, HARYANA, INDIA, August 10, 2018 / -- The simple act of chanting mantras can bring about profoundly positive changes in people’s lives, no matter how battered they are by life problems or whether they are of a religious perspective or not, according to the developers of the new life-inspiring website,

The website exists solely to help people lead peaceful and prosperous lives, free of the problems which have robbed them of the happiness and contentment promised to all by the divine master of the universe. As such, it offers a vast array of mantras, many thousands of years old, for use free of charge to all visitors to the website.
The website opens up a storehouse of ancient religious practices to make them available to people from all walks of life. Each mantra is specifically designed to help people deal with one particular issue or problem in life.

The Mantra Quest master began practicing mantra chanting as a child. Unwavering in his devotion to chanting, Mantra Quest has studiously learned how to best apply the Tantric tradition to solving diverse personal problems such as depression, financial distress, loss and despair. God writes the mantras, and humans must learn how to work with them to unleash the power for good outcomes embedded within them, he says.

All of the chants are composed in Sanskrit, the original language of the Hindu tradition. Practitioners need not know Sanskrit in order to use the mantras, but they must use the correct pronunciation when chanting – as heard on the website,

“Just as many people in the west may have read or sung in Latin as part of a Christian liturgical service, without actually having studied Latin, so people can ask for spiritual assistance through their repetition of the Sanskrit texts that form the basis of the mantras,” says the founder of Mantra Quest.

An end to suffering is at hand for those who learn how to practice the ancient tradition of mantra chanting, according to the founder of, a new website dedicated to helping people overcome the obstacles to personal satisfaction, peace and prosperity.

Ancient world religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism embraced spiritual technologies such as mantra chanting to aid humans in coping with the manifest problems that cause such great suffering in the world.

These mantras belong to all people, because they are given freely by God to help free people from their suffering. Anyone, no matter their religious background or training – or lack thereof – can enter into the practice of mantra chanting through the large and ever-growing collection of sacred mantras included on the Mantra Quest website.

“The creator of the universe recognizes every person as a special human being in need of divine intervention in order to make sense of this otherwise utterly confusing and painful world we live in,” says the founder of Mantra Quest. “And so the mantras, given to people throughout the ages, need only be honored in themselves in order to be effective for practitioners. It is not necessary to be a member of any particular faith to gain the incredible, life-changing benefits that come from a faithful and disciplined approach to chanting the mantras.”

Indeed, the only real requirement for working with the mantras as published on the MantraQuest website is a willingness to pay close attention to the proper way of pronouncing the words in the chants. All of the mantras on the website are recorded in Sanskrit, the original language of the Hindu religious faith

No one needs to feel as if they are alone and unaided in life, no matter how weighed down by serious life problems, says the founder of Mantra Quest. The truth is, the divine ruler of the universe provides us with a detailed set of instructions for dealing with all the fundamental problems of life – loneliness, unhappiness, sadness, depression, poverty, grief, separation – through the beautiful and humanly accessible mantras that we have collected and made available on the website, says the Mantra Quest founder.

Whatever the problem there is a spiritual answer to it, to be found in the mantras available now on Visit,, to get started on a life-changing journey.

Pradeep Kumar
Mantra Quest
email us here

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