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In Sri Lanka, Bosnian-style Ethnic Separation is Way Forward for Peace; Need Help from US, EU and India:Tamils for Trump

Mass Killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka

Mass Killing of Muslims in Bosnia

If Sri Lanka declines to acknowledge compromise for Bosnian-style ethnic separation, partition will be the defaulted answer for Tamils.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, August 8, 2018 / -- In Sri Lanka, Bosnian-style Ethnic Separation is Way Forward for Peace; Need Help from US, EU and India: Tamils for Trump

A spokesman for Tamils for Trump suggested that “Any political solution for the problems of the Tamils will never be accepted by the Sinhalese. Our past history for over seven decades shows that it is impossible for the Sinhalese to accept any political solution for helping the Tamils. But let’s try a solution that the US tried and successfully implemented in Bosnia. It is the new norm in the world. If Sri Lanka fails to embrace a solution acceptable to the Tamils, we should separate from Sri Lanka.”

Ethnic cleansing led to the creation of homogenous areas (Sinhalese-dominated areas) in Tamil-inhabited regions of North-East Sri Lanka. The international community, especially the US, the EU and India, should undo this to ensure a safe and complete return of Tamil refugees, including internally- and externally-uprooted Tamils.

This ethnic cleansing began in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, immediately after Ceylon’s independence from the British Empire, and is similar to what later happened in Bosnia by the Serbs.

The US thinking in Dayton, Ohio, Dayton Agreement in 1995, proposed a conflict resolution for Bosnia that made Bosnia an ethnically-separated country, where there would be no minorities and no majority among the ethnic group. It is the lesson learnt from pre-war Bosnia, as ethno-national homogeneous statelets emerged, in which one dominant group (Serbs) prevailed and all other groups were considered minorities. Serbians became the majority in all states, and the US anticipates that the Serbian genocide will proceed in Bosnia in the future, as well.

We Tamils should learn from the Bosnian resolution. The Eastern province had a Tamil population of 98%, but after ethnic cleansing the Tamil population was lowered to 45%. The US, the EU and India should ask Sri Lanka to reclaim her Sinhalese settlers and bring them back to their own particular towns or locales in the south, so that Tamils who were displaced to various parts of Sri Lanka, especially in southern Sri Lanka, but also to India, the US, Canada, Europe and numerous other nations, can settle back to their own property.

The Bosnian-style federal constitution and ethnic separation has kept the Muslims and Croats upbeat, and has forced the Serbians to acknowledge the truth that Serbians can no longer oppress the Bosnians or conduct inhumane killings. This federal constitution is a warning for any Serbian oppressor, that if ethnic cleansing proceeds, the next step will be break-up of possible three countries or separation. So far Bosnia is in peace, regardless of some Serbian noise about their loss of Majority status.

US policy makers have proposed that Bosnian-style ethnic separation is also suited for Iraq’s ethnic battling among Sunnis, Kurds and Shias. This is discussed in an article published by the Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. “Institutionalized Ethnic Division in Bosnia: A Way Forward for Iraq?” (2007).

The article states, “The Biden-Gelb plan has been widely discussed as a solution for the faltering policy in Iraq. A major component of the plan is to decentralize power in Iraq—Bosnian style—to the three main ethnic and religious groups in an effort to end the civil war” (2007).

Additionally, “The Dayton model for Bosnia employs certain minority rights conventions--the concept of autonomy in particular--to institutionally separate ethnic groups while simultaneously encouraging cooperation at higher levels of government” (Wilson Center, 2007).

A spokesman for Tamils for Trump recently argued that “The US, EU and India should follow the Bosnian style blueprint and apply it to Sri Lanka. It gives full federal constitution along with ethnic separation. We think this is the best way forward to bring peace and security and secure the Tamil Homeland for Tamils.

“Further we urge that it is time for Tamils who live in the south to come back to their homes in the North-East, bringing along their businesses, skill sets and assets, so that we can install a permanent peace and establish prosperity and safety for the Tamils in Ceylon with the help of the US, the EU and India.

Numerous diasporas of Tamils in the West as of now are returning to their Home Land and intending to settle when a lasting peace or US-ensured peace is clearly inescapable in the future.”

The Tamil spokesman finished up with "If Sri Lanka declines to acknowledge compromise for Bosnian-style ethnic separation, partition will be the defaulted answer for Tamils."

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