FATPOT Technologies Announces Company Name Change to Tellus Safety Solutions

Tellus Safety Solutions

The name change reflects the relaunch of the Company’s family of data mediation products including CAD-to-CAD for emergency dispatch centers

BOUNTIFUL, UTAH, USA, August 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- FATPOT Technologies, the leading provider of patented CAD-to-CAD integration solutions for public safety organizations, today announced it is changing its name Tellus Safety Solutions, LLC (Tellus). A result of the relaunch of the Company’s CAD-to-CAD integration products, today’s announcement reinforces the company’s commitment to its long-term public safety customers in law enforcement, 9-1-1 communications, and emergency medical services.

“More than a decade ago we saw an urgent need to create a robust two-way connection between emergency dispatch systems to increase situational awareness and provide timely access to critical emergency resources,” said Jonathan Mitchell, president, Tellus Safety Solutions. “Over the last 18 months our team has completed a major technology upgrade to all of our core products, with a focus on functionality, interoperability, and performance. Today we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to our customers, our CAD partners, and this market with both a new company name and the launch of the Tellus brand of CAD-to-CAD integration products.”

The Tellus platform provides “Safety without Borders,” erasing the lines between cities, towns, counties and even states so that critical emergency response information can flow effortlessly and automatically to the appropriate first responder, speeding emergency response and saving lives. The Tellus platform is available in three bundles:

Tellus Aware: delivers a real-time situational awareness map capable of showing events and assets from one or more connected CAD systems. The Tellus Aware map can run on individual workstations or be displayed on a large, centrally visible monitor. Tellus Aware breaks down jurisdictional boundaries by providing an integrated view that is critical for regional knowledge sharing and crisis management in real time.

Tellus Notify: provides the situational awareness map from Tellus Aware and adds real-time pop-up notifications, email alerts, and text messaging. Notifications and alerts are rules-driven and integrate data from one or more connected CAD systems. Notifications are delivered to the desktop of 9-1-1 operator workstations and allow operators to discover critical events outside their own CAD system without needing to make a phone call or initiate a search.

Tellus Unify: seamlessly integrates multiple CAD systems, creating a two-way interface between all connected CAD systems. The Tellus Unify engine automatically translates information shared between the systems, allows jurisdictions to request and share assets and resources, and integrates into existing CAD software, eliminating the need for retraining. Tellus Unify includes all of the features of Tellus Aware and Tellus Notify, and adds robust, rules-driven data mediation, linking CAD systems together so that they function and an integrated, cross-jurisdictional system.

Over 100 agencies in the United States and Canada already use Tellus products for capturing and sharing information, including agencies in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where 11 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) serving over 40 law, fire, and EMS agencies throughout the greater Milwaukee area selected Tellus to interconnect their CAD systems. The first phase of the project is live, regional situational awareness for mutual aid and automatic aid calls between fire departments, allowing operators to instantly see the location, unit, status, and call comments from PSAP to PSAP without a dispatcher picking up the phone.

With the launch of the Tellus platform, the Company has won contracts for new projects in Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Oregon, adding new customers across many emergency services agencies. In addition, customers in California, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, and Utah have expanded their Tellus implementations.

Tellus will be demonstrating its full range of products starting today at APCO 2018 in Las Vegas, booth 437.

About Tellus Safety Solutions
Tellus Safety Solutions, LLC (www.tellus.us), the leader in CAD-to-CAD integration, offers patented information-sharing and data mediation solutions to public safety organizations. Tellus products include CAD-to-CAD, CAD-to-RMS and ASAP-to-PSAP integrations, as well as AFR, RMS, and camera and voice recorder integration. In business since 2002, Tellus has provided public safety agencies with real-time information sharing technology since its origin, including being one of the first to provide live AMBER Alerts to state highway patrol. Tellus has successful deployments throughout the US and Canada and works with all major CAD providers. Its information-sharing technology is used by PSAPs, first responders, emergency management offices, state DOTs, and fusion centers.

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