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Chaitanya Cherukuri Discusses Septic Tank Safety And Cleaning

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SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2018 / -- Many households across America have septic tanks. However, in spite of the fact that they are so commonly found, few people truly understand how they work and how to make sure they continue to work properly. That is understandable because septic tanks are used for storing human waste and that is not something we really want to think about. However, according to Chaitanya Cherukuri, it is very important that people have at least a basic understanding of their septic system so that they can make sure things don't go wrong, which could have disastrous consequences.

Chaitanya Cherukuri started a septic tank cleaning and service business around a decade ago. At that time, he did it because he had no intention of "working for the man" and wanting to be his own boss instead. Shortly after establishing his business, he found that it was also his calling to help people make sure that their septic tanks are fully operational, while at the same time increasing their knowledge and awareness of the system. Unsurprisingly, he has a large number of highly satisfied long-term customers and he continues his campaign to educate people about the septic tank. Here, he discusses a number of key issues people should be aware of in terms of the cleaning and safety of the septic tank.

Chaitanya Cherukuri on How Often a Septic Tank Should Be Cleaned

Callum explains that how often a septic tank requires cleaning depends on various factors, including how big the system is and how many people are in the household. However, as a rule of thumb, in a household of two adults and two children, the tank should be cleaned every two years. This is true for 1,000-gallon tanks.

Unfortunately, as Chaitanya Cherukuri explains, there are no signs that a septic tank requires cleaning. If any symptoms or signs do become apparent, then there is actually a problem with the tank and more than a general clean will be required. Essentially, cleaning a septic tank is about regular maintenance and preventive care. Considering the impact of broken or malfunctioning septic tanks, preventive care is vital.

Chaitanya Cherukuri Explains the Necessary Safety Precautions During a Septic System Clean

The most important thing to be aware of during a septic tank clean is that you are dealing with dirty water. Hence, people should wear the right gear. Avoiding contact with the dirty water has to be the top priority, which means eye protection, pants, gloves, and other items of proper clothing should be worn. He also points out that those who hire a professional company to perform the septic tank cleaning, as they should, should look into the protective clothing the company's operatives wear to ensure that it is a good company.

According to Chaitanya Cherukuri, it is equally important that these operatives are respectful of the homeowner's property and that of their neighbors. They shouldn't just hose things down and hope for the best. He believes that good operatives are those who take extra care during their work that not a single splash gets onto their protective clothing or into the yard of the property owner or the neighbor.

Chaitanya Cherukuri on Things Homeowners Can Do Themselves

Between regular cleaning and maintenance sessions, there are a few things that homeowners can do in order to ensure that their septic system continues to operate properly. One of the most important things is the installation of a filter on their system. These filters stop solid wastes from going through into the drain field. At the same time, people should consider how they use their system. Flushing too often, the use of unnecessary high water volume, or using too much laundry detergent are things that will make the septic system break down, making it more likely that repairs will be needed outside of general maintenance.

Over the years, Chaitanya Cherukuri has seen it all. In households with children, in particular, he has found the strangest things in septic tanks when cleaning them. Dead animals and children's toys are quite common, the latter being flushed down the toilet and the first somehow to get into the tank from the outside. In addition, he is regularly called out because an engagement or wedding ring is believed to have been flushed down the toilet and has to be retrieved.

Septic tanks are incredibly important, albeit hidden, parts of the American home. Making sure that they are maintained properly means that homeowners can continue to use their plumbing systems properly. This requires care and attention and regular maintenance, just like any other system in the home. Professionals like Chaitanya Cherukuri are there to help with these tasks, making sure the system is fully operational at all times.

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