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Life and Health Coach Erin Banda to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2018 / -- When we go through the journey of our lives we learn through experience who we truly are and our purpose on earth. But with so many challenges and obstacles along the way we need the support of experts who can help genuinely guide us through so many difficulties we face. It’s especially comforting to know when this particular individual sincerely has our best interest at heart because they are exceptionally giving individuals.

Erin is an exceptional life and health coach and the Founder and Owner of Erin Banda Life and Health Coaching. Erin is certified through the International Coaching Federation and a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She is a graduate of Clark University Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Quantum Coaching Method.

“Since I started my coaching career now I’m able to add value to their lives instilling them with authentic self- confidence,” says Erin. “That has always been the focus of my mindset and I have been able to transform my life through coaching.”

For the past twenty- five years Erin’s career was devoted to the legal and non-profit field where she has been highly accomplished where and worked tirelessly and with fearless commitment. It is now her strong conviction that all the valuable life experiences she has gained has assisted her in becoming a superior coach that resonates exceptionally well with her clients.

“Compassion is huge part of me and people have always told me they feel safe sharing their most intimate details of their lives and are able to open up to me,” says Erin. “Self-care and self-love is what I teach because people need to love themselves and I tell my clients they don’t need a coach they deserve one.”

One of the most valuable lessons Erin has learned is how critical and selfless it is to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others and then guide them to greatness.

“I have never been happier now that I’m nurturing others through my coaching,” says Erin. “it’s absolutely essential to live in joyfulness and positivity so I can model that for clients.”

Erin describes herself as a truth teller in a kind and compassionate manner. This is another key ingredient in successful coaching because when clients seek her out they will get an objective point of view unlike what they may get from friends or family members.

“I never give advice to people,” says Erin. “Ideally it’s best to ask my clients the right questions and their answers will connect them with their hearts and lead them down the right path. It’s my ultimate goal to help them get to that point and to the genuine essence of their being.”

CUTV news will feature Erin Banda in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Monday August 6th at 1 p.m. EST.

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