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Artist Kimberly Berg Continues to be Recognized by CUTV News Radio as an Influential Male Feminist

CADYVILLE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2018 / -- With the rise of the #MeToo movement, the feminist movement has once again gained momentum and women are fearlessly stepping into their power and not backing down. But how much do women really know about the prominent role they have once played in history? How aware are they of their Neolithic heritage a wonderful period in history when women shared equality with men. Today that can actually happen again if women continue to surge ahead.

Kimberly Berg is one of the most influential acclaimed male feminist artists of his time.

“I have always been interested in ancient history,” says Kimberly. “When I discovered the role women played during the existence of Neolithic times I became aware for the first time how women were so once so profoundly respected when they have been so demeaned over the last 5000 years under patriarchy. With this understanding women’s grace and natural beauty have became the subject and inspiration for my art over the last twenty years.”

Kimberly advocates for an egalitarian society not one that is cynically gender conflicted. Just because it’s patriarchy doesn’t mean it must be matriarchy. Ideally there is another choice. A partnership -type society that existed during the Neolithic period proves it’s absolutely, unequivocally possible.

“Because of that gracious time in history a partnership society has inarguably been tried and tested,” says Kimberly. “No one can say it didn’t work magnificently. Women should lead the way because the standards of females are much different than the values of patriarchy. Under the ruling of men they misguidedly believe the way to move forward is though violence, war, and domination as proven in Neolithic times there is a valid alternative.

According to Kimberly this is an opportune time. And if women can be made aware of their heritage they will surge further towards success. Kimberly strongly emphasizes women must seek a political voice or they absolutely will not be able to triumph.

So what were Neolithic times like, based on research and documented facts? Basically it was the beginning of agriculture. Women cunningly learned how to sow the seeds on the ground. By harvesting the abundant crops they created a monumental difference in society. This led eventually to the development of various crafts like pottery and textile weaving.

“I aspire to create a world or venue that allows women to have the freedom to act on their own,” says Kimberly. “We are so accustomed to having men be in control it’s preventing women from even feeling thy have something to offer.”

Kimberly is hard at work developing his ideas which includes a museum of feminist art. It will depict his awe- inspiring, remarkable paintings and that of many other spectacular feminist artist that have made a tremendous impact in the feminist world.

“There is no shame in the genuine sensitivity and aesthetics women bring to the universe,” says Kimberly. “It’s impressive, thought provoking, and absolutely extraordinary and should be wholeheartedly encouraged.”

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Author: Beatrice Maria Centeno

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