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Rene Murata of CEOEssence Continues to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SPRING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 1, 2018 / -- A Forbes article once likened Executive Coaching for women to Career GPS, an analogy Rene Murata who runs that type of coaching businesses, can understand . Rene of CEOEssence says women who aspire to top offices do need a road map--because nearly everything about MBA courses, textbooks and self-help guides for aspiring leaders that exists is written by men and directed at men. Women, Rene says, are wired differently, more relationship-based. And that bears impact on every facet of how they manage, do business, and build corporate success.

While many women possess what’s known as executive presence, they don’t usually recognize it or display that “I’m a force to contend with” mindset. Rene, as her company name implies, helps women connect with their CEO Essence. From generating a different view of the self, to communicating with more sincerity and authority, to listening skills, to establishing trust with business partners, Rene’s leadership coaching offers women a multitude of strategies to help them gain those prized seats at the big table.

It’s not, Rene says, that women are born with different talents or ambition, but rather the way they are programmed by parents, educators, and society at large. A young girl who speaks out is told to pipe down and behave. The kind of natural curiosity that shapes discoveries in engineering—which is a field Murata worked in for many years and for which she runs a consulting company—is not encouraged in young women. They are instead, told to toe the line and uphold the status quo. Even clear visionaries and leaders like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, have been publicly reprimanded for their outspokenness.

In her four August shows Rene will talk more about women’s mindset towards leadership, the changing tide of women in Engineering, and the businesses she runs that make such impact. Besides CEO Essence leadership coaching, Rene launched and runs PSM Risk, focused on risk management and process integrity in the engineering industry. She also developed RM Essence, a clothing line that reflects the needs of executive women—individual style, comfort, and the desire to be more ecologically conscious of what they are wearing. Rene Murata’s forthcoming clothing line will reflect the power dynamic, offering bold colors that help women make their own statement on the executive floor. Rene has begun this promising partnership with the Brazilian designer Salvatore Laureano, well-known for his standout bridal styles and Oscar-status gowns, to create the awesome fashions for the work environment, some specially tailored for the statuesque woman.

Throughout the series, you can discover more about Rene, her diverse business interests, and her theories about women in management and high-powered careers. You can also explore her websites: and and read the blog posts up there.

CUTV will feature Rene Murata of CEOEssence in interviews with Jim Masters on Friday, August 3,10,17 and 24 at 12:00 p.m. EDT.

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