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ON! Launches New Season with Four Award Winning Series That You Won't Want to Miss..

New Season, New Shows, premiering on The ON! Channel this Wednesday

NEW YORK, NY, USA, July 31, 2018 / -- The channel that many have called the most diverse and fastest growing channel in America, The ON! Channel, launches its new season this Wednesday with four very interesting Shows guaranteed to catch your attention.

The Prime time schedule leads off with "LIFE OR DEATH BASICALLY" An award winning film festival sweat heart that deals with mental illness, codependency and relationships - and in the best of ways, it is like nothing your have ever seen.

Show creator, writer, and star explains how the series came to be. "Maggie was born, first and foremost, out of my own story. I also have borderline personality disorder. I also have been involved in codependent, unstable relationships. I also have struggled with self-harm, my body, and with my relationship to my own destructive tendencies. People tend to discount the idea of “writing what you know” – afraid that it might make them seem lazy or unimaginative – but for me, my real-life experiences are where my most interesting ideas come from." Life or Death Basically airs at 8pm est, or can be viewed on-demand.

Keeping with the idea of something you've never seen before, comes the Award willing series MAN - BABIES from the twisted mind of Tyler Hollinger. The unlikely and hilarious series tells the story of the world’s first pregnant man as he searches for clues that explain this miracle and uncovers a conspiracy so much greater then he ever thought. Tyler Hollinger explains; "MAN-BABIES was birthed from a lot of anxiety around having a child and coming to term(s) with adulthood. It is a farcical, pure comedy, and very serious telling of the the story of the worlds first pregnant man. It is written in a style of comedy we don't see anymore akin to caddyshack, the naked gun, Ace Ventura, Austin Powers. A lot of fun!" Man-Babies airs at 9pm or can be viewed on-demand.

If you are a fan of love and adventure then you love the third Offering; UNCHARTED TARITORY (and no that's not a typo). Uncharted Taritory title plays with the names of the shows creators and stars, Tarika and Tarino. In kind of a reality show way, the audience gets to watch as the couple fall in love while experiencing different adventures. In one episode, they learn to cook, while in another, they zip line over Vegas, or participate in a mud run. The tag line says it all - "Whens the last time you have done something for the first time." Tamika and Tarino as so engaging and appealing that you will fall in love with them while watching them enjoy being with each other. Uncharted Territory airs at 9pm or can be viewed on- demand. (An encore plays at 9pm every sunday as well)

Brooklyn is in the house with OFF THE G, the last of the four offering. OFF THE G is set in Bed-Stuy and created by Nedra Gallegos and Carla Briscoe, "Off the G" looks at the cross-section of people and cultures in the neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn through a comedic lens.
"I wanted to address gentrification in a non-judgmental way," Gallegos said. "I think gentrification is bittersweet. I don't think anybody hates a good coffee shop [but] everybody hates the high rents."

ON! is just getting started. The series Premieres of Wednesday August first will be followed by slew of Series premieres over the next few weeks. If there was ever a time to get ON! board the ON! Channel Train, its now.
The ON! Channel is viewable online at but will also be viewable through, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and more.

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