Claudette Roche Discusses Public Speaking Skills Necessary to Close the Deal

Public speaking skills are necessary for business people to complete a call to action or to “close the deal,” according to Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach.

VERO BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2018 / -- Public speaking skills are necessary for business people to complete a call to action or to “close the deal,” according to Claudette Roche, the Accent Coach. Roche explains that the same skills necessary to get a message across in a roomful of people are also essential with one-on-one contact to get the listener to buy a product or service or to commit to an action.

Roche believes it is a common misconception that people do not need public speaking skills if they do not stand in front of an audience or speak with a group of people. However, this is not an accurate statement, according to Roche. “You still need to be able to speak clearly and get your message across even if you have an audience of one,” she says. Roche goes on to explain that the same skills which are important for motivational speakers or instructors in a large classroom are essential for individual encounters with people. These skills that she teaches to people who make a living as speakers or business leaders can easily be transferred to other scenarios.

One of the most important aspects of public speaking that Roche teaches is accent reduction. People with thick or heavy accents can be difficult to understand, especially if they are talking to people from other regions or countries. If the listener misunderstands what the person is saying, they may take the wrong action or none at all. Roche teaches clients how to enunciate more clearly so their accent does not distort their words. It is a skill not always easy to learn but beneficial in many situations. Once she shows her clients different techniques and exercises, they master the concept quite quickly.

Another skill necessary for people to get the action they want from their listeners is to create a positive relationship with the other person. Roche explains the need for the speaker to be confident but also to establish a relationship with the listener. “They may do this through telling a story of their own experience with a product or by showing they understand the problem the other person is having.” She advocates for the idea that the speaker should put themselves in the “other person’s shoes” so they can find a way to communicate their ideas that the other person will understand.

Roche explains that the third trait necessary for a successful speech in any scenario, whether in a large group or with one person, is to be clear in what action the listeners are expected to take. The best call to action simply states to call or contact someone or to stop in or “buy now.” People fail to do anything just because they do not know what they are expected to do. “If the goal of the message gets lost in the message, you have failed in your speech.” Roche wants people to recognize the importance of learning public speaking skills no matter how and when they talk to others in their daily lives.

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