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Frank Lennix Discusses the Easiest Health Codes Which Kitchens Are Often Cited For

Find out what which easy kitchen health codes are often the root of a citation

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2018 / -- When people think of a kitchen, often, they think of eating. Many might remember their favorite food or a family meal. If the person knows or is a chef themselves, their mind might wander to cooking a meal.

What people probably don’t think about is health code citations. Unfortunately, Frank Lennix has cooked up some of the most common, easily rectifiable health citations found in a kitchen. Lennix warns that these might be disturbing, and they certainly are gross, but they’re a reality for many restaurant kitchens.

General Cleanliness

Anyone who has ever worked with food, in any capacity, knows that keeping a workstation clean is rule number one. In the kitchen, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Yet, many of the people citations for kitchen related health risks are due to uncleanliness. The inspectors who are giving these citations are going to restaurants. At restaurants, people pay for a meal that is supposed to be made by a professional. Although, it’s difficult to call anyone who can’t even clean up after themselves much of an adult, let alone professional.

Chemical Use

Yes. Chemicals. Cleaning products are among the largest offenders. It's usually safe to assume people aren’t cooking with chemicals. Although while cleaning, sometimes the right chemicals are not being used. For example, if the raw chicken is on a table, that table must be sanitized. Not cleaned, sanitized. Soap and water aren’t doing the trick. Kitchens are often called out for improper cleaning procedures.


This is gross, just on principle. Unfortunately, according to Lennix, it happens with a frequency that’s alarming. Cutting raw meat before cutting raw vegetables is cross-contamination. Cross-contamination also occurs when that chicken bacteria isn’t properly sanitized off the table. Cross contamination is usually due to negligence and laziness. It’s a simple, easy mistake, that could have dire consequences.


Another disgusting common kitchen citation is allowing food to reach an unsafe temperature. Food is stored in the refrigerator or freezer to keep bacteria from growing. The warmer something is, the more bacteria copulate. Mold is a visual fungus. Yet, most bacteria isn't so obvious. That’s why there are specific temperature restrictions on food. When storing, food must remain at a specifically low temperature. While heating, to cook the food enough, it must reach a certain internal temperature. This is basic food preparation, Yet, there are plenty of kitchens that do not abide by these rules. Again, their laziness could eventually cause someone to become sick, or even perish.

To close, Frank Lennix finds these easy health code violations appalling. While not every restaurant or kitchen is like this, there is a surprising number that are. Lennix urges people to remember this next time they sit down at a restaurant. Health departments are citing restaurants daily as a result.

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