Success for Immigrants by America's Foremost Accent Reduction and Speech Expert Judy Young

Judy Young; Accent Reduction and Speech Expert, Photo Credit: Steve Buffington.

Immigrants Find Hope in Improving Life through Better English, with Accent Reduction and Speech Expert Judy Young

I find my work to be extremely rewarding. It helps dissolve communication barriers, elevate understanding, increase business statistics, and even raise self-esteem.”
— Judy Young

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, US, September 4, 2018 / -- It is widely known that adults with limited English abilities in America generally suffer from greater unemployment and lower wages. With 32 out of 50 U.S. States having declared American English as the Official Language, the ability to speak English correctly is vital to success as an American or an immigrant to the United States.

If a person wants to become a U.S. Citizen, they will have to take a Naturalization Test. This includes a Speaking Test, whereby the applicant's ability to speak English will be determined by a USCIS Officer during the eligibility interview. The applicant must also pass a Reading Test, where they must correctly read aloud one of three sentences, to demonstrate an ability to read in English. Furthermore, a Writing Test must be passed in which the Naturalization Applicant must correctly write out one of three sentences, in order to demonstrate an ability to write in English.

Whether you or a friend, family member, or client are seeking to become a Naturalized U.S. citizen, a legal U.S. immigrant visiting America on a Work Visa, a person outside of the U.S. doing business remotely in the U.S, or simply a more successful American citizen already living in The States, the ability to speak clear, easily understandable English is imperative to a successful and happy life working with U.S. businesses, or working in and living in America.

But where does one turn to for help? Countless suffer from poor English skills, due to not having found the right teacher to salvage them. Many coaches are out there, yet in any field, only one can be the best. Judy Young holds that title.

Whether one is a recent or early immigrant to the U.S, or even outside of the U.S, they can improve their communication. One does not have to ignore their state of being confused, and being uncomfortable speaking any more. As America's leading Accent Reduction and Speech Expert, Judy Young helps bring order, clarity, understanding, and solutions, to provably and successfully handle one's former language barriers, with better communication.

Raising the level of excellence in American English communication, world-wide published author Judy Young has committed her education and life to helping others communicate effectively in both business, and in all areas of life. Communication; known as the universal solvent to any problem, is essential to a successful life. An increase in better communication factually improves the living and working conditions of everyone. And Judy Young, one of the foremost and sought after Accent Reduction and Speech Experts in the world, does exactly that. Having improved the lives and businesses of a myriad of people and companies from around the world for nearly thirty years, Judy Young has helped people more clearly and effectively speak the most widely accepted and popular language on the planet; English.

Having trained clients from over fifty countries and over twenty-five different languages including; Central and Eastern Europe, The U.K, Africa, South America, Canada, Asia, South Korea, and across the U.S, Judy Young improves the communication skills of people around the world. She has coached leaders in numerous fields including; engineering, information technology, real estate, nursing, medicine, public speaking, religion, education, sales, human resources, business management, acting, and students of all ages, from as young as three to eighty-nine.

Beginning by teaching speech and accent reduction only to actors, Judy quickly realized that her valuable teaching skills could be applied to help those from all walks of life; in any area, and from every nationality. With this discovery, Judy keenly refined and expanded her teaching in order to greatly help anyone speak English more clearly and effectively.

In addition to improving the lives of those outside of America by communicating successfully, Judy Young also assists immigrants and locals throughout the United States in reducing regional accents. A leading Speech and Accent Reduction expert for nearly thirty years, Judy even helps resolve challenging speech difficulties including slurring, and mumbling.

About Judy Young

Judy Young began teaching Speech and Accent Reduction in 1991. Attending Columbia College Chicago, where she studied writing, communications, and media arts and broadcasting, she additionally worked at a top executive training company in Chicago.

Later expanding her expertise in the field with the study of speech and acting at the legendary Ted Liss Studio in Chicago, she there received extensive speech training directly from the late Ted Liss; reportedly one of the top acting coaches, voice talents, and speech instructors in the world. Other notable star alumni from the Ted Liss Studio include; Virginia Madsen, Tom Bosley, Geraldine Page, and Robert Urich among more.

Today, in addition to private, one-on-one coaching, Judy Young is available world-wide, delivering seminars and workshops on public speaking skills to many of today's top leaders, including; business executives, company presidents, CEO's of multi-national corporations, and public and private groups of all sizes. For international clients, she gives webinars, group, and private lessons around the world via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Judy Young is also the author of the popular book, "Simple Accent Reduction and Speech Training," a sought after program that encapsulates the exercises and drills to improve speech. In response to the increasing demand for her services, Judy expanded and developed an online training program that includes the informative content of the book, in addition to two and a half hours worth of educational video and audio instruction. This valuable educational material easily walks a person through the basics to improving one's speech. Both are available at her official website below.

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