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Attorney Steven R. Pietro charged in plot to murder police informant

A Florida attorney has been arrested on charges of attempting to assist in the murder of a confidential police informant.

PENBROKE PINES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2018 / -- The informant, who allegedly put one of attorney Steven R. Pietro's clients behind bars, was to have his name leaked by the Florida legal professional in an effort to see him killed, in 2002.

According to Pietro's arrest report, the Pembroke Pines resident and attorney had requested $250,000 in exchange for the informant's details.

The report suggests that Pietro informed his client, Michael Anthony Gotti, whose sentence had been dependent on the testimony of the informant in question, that in exchange for the agreed sum, he would release the individual's name.

Pietro's client would then make arrangements to have the informant murdered by his associates on the outside while he remained in jail, it's believed. The attorney's only other stipulation was that the body was never to be found, according to local law enforcement.

At this point, the confidential informant's name was as yet unknown to Pietro, who alerted suspicion while attempting to bribe a Miami Beach police officer in return for information.

"Steven R. Pietro planned to undermine our entire system of justice," said a representative for the Miami-Dade state attorney's office. "Thankfully, our highly skilled local law enforcement community were able to foil the plot."

The representative went on to call Pietro a "dissident member of the legal profession," lambasting him for what they called "a loathsome act of betrayal."

Investigators said Pietro met with Gotti on several occasions at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center between June 14 and July 31, 2001

Pietro was arrested following a successful sting operation in which he unwittingly met with an undercover FBI agent, believed by the corrupt attorney to be an associate of his client. His arrest report suggests that Pietro had himself facilitated the meeting to finalize arrangements surrounding the killing of the informant and the disposal of the body.

Investigators discovered that Pietro had previously met with his client on numerous occasions over a two week period at a Miami-Dade correctional facility.

When quizzed, Pietro admitted to FBI agents that he had attempted to uncover the confidential informant's name in return for money, according to police reports. It's not clear what Pietro's response was in regards to the planned killing, or surrounding his request to have the informant's body permanently disposed of.

Charges against Steven R. Pietro extend to bribery, retaliation against a witness, compounding a felony, accessory after the fact, and obstruction. If found guilty on all counts, the attorney would face up to 15 years in prison for his part in the plot.

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