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10-Year Old Unfixed Software Bug Identified in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

A software bug reported to Microsoft in 2008 was recently identified by a programmer at NXG Logic, LLC

HOUSTON, TX, USA, July 26, 2018 / -- A .NET programmer at NXG Logic, LLC ( identified a major bug in Microsoft's Visual Studio 2015 developer platform, which was originally reported as bug MS 357763 by Microsoft in July, 2008 (link here). The bug was noticed because of peculiar sorting behavior that occurred in a Windows forms spreadsheet control which is commonly used for developing software with Microsoft's Visual Studio platform. Specifically, it was observed that the Column.DataPropertyName of Microsoft's DataGridView (DGV) control was case-insensitive when a DGV is linked to a DataTable (DT). This means that, for example, column names in a DGV whose lower case values are the same will be filled with the same data. Worse yet, when sorting on a column whose lower case column name is the same as one or more column names, multiple columns are simultaneously sorted together. The major problem with this bug is that the same data values in a DGV column under the name "Jane" are filled into another column whose name is e.g. "jane", because the DGV transforms all column names to lower case behind the scenes, causing “Jane” to become “jane,” which is identical to “jane.” The real problem is that the DGV shows the same data from the intended “Jane” column in the other “jane” column -- so the data values look like a mirror image of one another.

The bug never had an effect on NXG Logic’s software results, since their programs don’t use data from a DGV or DT for computational analysis. However, NXG Logic does caution developers who may be unaware of the bug, as they could experience errors if they use data directly from a DGV that's linked to a DT. If there are column names used in existing software packages that employ the DGV control, for which lower case values are the same, then it could lead to potentially disastrous consequences if a user unknowingly transposed data from a DGV displayed on a monitor or copied the DGV’s data into another spreadsheet for further analysis or interpretation.

As a service to the community, NXG Logic has made available free downloadable .NET code which replicates the bug, and includes a programmatic fix.
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