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Dr. Kam Habibi Shares Some Little-Known Dental Knowledge

Dentistry is a fascinating medical artform that’s evolved alongside other medical practices fluidly.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2018 / -- Dr. Kam Habibi has always had a fascination with dentistry. The teeth are so complex and those that work on them are sometimes underrated. Yet, teeth and the mouth in general plays such a vast role in a person’s overall health and well-being. Dr. Habibi insists that it’s important to understand the dental practice and all that’s associated with it.

So, Dr. Kam Habibi is sharing this little-known dental knowledge. In doing so, he hopes to spark conversation and interest in dentistry. That way. People can start to understand the importance of teeth and the doctors who care for them.

The First Named Dentist

The first recorded dentist was in ancient Egypt. His name was Hesi-Re and he lived over five-thousand years ago. In those days, extraction was the most common practice. While it was effective in some cases, it likely didn’t provide much relief for many ailments. Nevertheless, Hesi-Re was known as a dentist and revered for his services. Apparently, Egyptians had extremely bad dental hygiene, which is thought to be brought on by their diet.

Blacksmith Dentistry

Early American dentistry was usually combined with another trade. That trade was generally blacksmiths. While it makes sense, considering extractions was still the principal method of treatment. Blacksmiths had the tools (and the strength) for an early-American extraction. Yet, modern times find it difficult to wrap the mind around the egregious sanitary issues associated with the practice.

Tooth Tattoos

Tooth tattoos are a growing craze. While it’s impossible to get tooth tattoos on healthy teeth, it’s possible to get tattoos on caps and crowns. This unique process is done by getting an image printed on the tooth, that is then fired at 212 degrees. Colors, iconic logos, and even a bacteria monitor can be infused into the teeth.

Dr. Kam Habibi shares that while this practice might seem odd, decorating teeth is not a new practice. The Mayans would frequently drill holes into the teeth that were large enough to fit jewels. This was a symbol of power. For such an early civilization, the ability to do this with such primitive tools was a marvel.

George Washington’s Teeth

It’s a common misconception that the first president of the United States had wooden teeth. The truth is still strange by modern standards, albeit more believable. George Washington’s dentures were made from ivory, human teeth, lead-tin alloy, and silver alloy.

Dr. Habibi explained that the wooden teeth myth was likely constructed due to the look of the dentures after wear. Plus, George Washington was extremely secretive about his teeth troubles. So, it was likely no one knew what the teeth were made from.

To close, Dr. Kam Habibi shares this little-known dental knowledge to help people understand the roots of dentistry run deep. Dentistry and the desire to have good dental hygiene spans back, even past the Egyptian era. With a history like that, teeth and dentistry at large deserve our respect.

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