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Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Jack Westman to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MADISON, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2018 / -- Child abuse is shockingly widespread and has resulted in a catastrophic impact on our society as a whole. Is it possible to prevent actual abuse from occurring if we take the right steps to halting this horrendous exploitation directed towards our innocent young citizens?

Jack Westman is an exceptional child and adolescent psychiatrist for over 60 plus years and the esteemed author of fourteen books including “Parent Power: The Key to American Prosperity,” “The Cancer Solution: Taking Charge of Your Life with Cancer” and “Dealing with Child Abuse and Neglect as Public Health Problems: Prevention and the Role of Juvenile Ageism.”

“My specialty is working with families in collaboration with educational and political systems and work diligently with children with behavioral problems,” says Jack. “I am not a doctor who prescribes medication. I work holistically with children. I am actively in pursuit of developing public policies to assist families so that every child has the prospect of making succeeding in the life.”

Jack was inspired by Sigmund Freud’s famed theory of the ID, Ego and Super Ego, how we all have impulses to do unscrupulous and virtuous deeds and how we possess skills we can apply in our lives that will lead us to be as productive as possible. Understanding human behavior is what set Jack’s course in life to gain a profound understanding of children’s vital roles in society.

“We can take major steps towards foiling child abuse,” says Jack. “By being actively influential in children’s lives we guide them into leadership roles.”

Jack’s most recent book has been on the atrocities and damaging effects of child abuse and neglect. He intensely reasons that society does nothing to prevent child abuse and neglect but only intervenes when children have been damaged years after abuse has taken place.

“I’m calling attention to juvenile ageism defined as prejudice based on young age,” says Dr. Westman. “Society imagines ageism as bias and prejudgment towards the elderly when actually the most helpless people subjected to prejudice are newborn babies and children. This means children are woefully viewed as objects and personal possessions of their parents which is egregious and destructive.”

According to Jack, this unrecognized prejudice is more powerful than racism or sexism and, if you look at it objectively it has appalling ill effects in society where children can grow up to become abusers themselves, suffer mental or physical effects or become dysfunctional members of society.

“Teachers and child care workers are grossly underpaid when their salaries should commensurate with the important work they contribute.” says Jack. “Our society does not fully recognize young people and the value of appreciating their status in our world. It’s absolutely critical that adults speak out in their defense and that’s what I’ am doing.”

CUTV news will feature Jack C. Westman in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Wednesday July 25thh at 12 noon EST.

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