TIMESLIST now integrates with Slack, the popular business messaging platform. Easy to post an Issue and ToDo directly.

Just a click allows one to post an issue, ToDo and Risk from the Slack conversation in TIMESLIST. (Project management tool)

MINATOKU, TOKYO, JAPAN, July 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ -- We’re excited. TIMESLIST (by Management. Co., ltd) now integrates seamlessly with Slack, the popular business messaging platform. You can post an Issue, ToDo and Risk directly from Slack conversation (preview version).

What Can You Do?
Ever forget to mention issues or problems during chats with team members? Don’t worry. Connect your Slack account with TIMESLIST, you can now use Slack in TIMESLIST. You can post Issues, ToDo tasks and Risk direct from your conversation.

Slack is real-time messaging and simplified communication for business teams. With the TIMESLIST for Slack integration, you can turn conversations and ideas discussed in Slack chat into actionable, trackable issue and ToDo tasks in TIMESLIST.

・Three easy steps to connect to Slack chat.
・Multiple work spaces in Slack. Once you connect, you can continue to use until you disconnect.
・You can directly post an Issue, ToDo (Task) and Risk in TIMESLIST. Edit as needed before you post.
・You can use Slack at the same time as when you use TIMESLIST’s chat between all team members.

How to integrate Slack and TIMESLIST.
・You first need to create both Slack and TIMESLIST accounts.
・Once accounts are created, open any Slack workspace and TIMELIST in the same browser.

Step1: Connect from TIMESLIST
1: Click chat icon on the upper right side or just click “←” on your keyboard. Menu tab on the right side will be opened.  
2: Click icon “#”.
3: Click “Slack”.

Step 2: Verification in Slack
Choose and accept #general (or any channel) verification page in Slack. You will see TIMESLIST timeline.

Step 3:Launch Slack in TIMESLIST
Click chat icon on the upper right side or just click “←” on your keyboard. Menu tab on the right side will be opened.  
Choose one of Slack channels you want to start chat from right side menu tab
View the Slack channel conversation inside TIMESLIST. Full screen Slack also available.

TIMESLIST is based on “MANAGEMENT THEORY”. Management Co., Ltd has broken down management theory and newly reconstructed it using the original primary body of knowledge concerning management.


-Multiple activities are redefined as projects with goals and deadlines.
-Break down projects into gradual reachable units that are defined as issues.
-Project goals are achieved by identifying and solving each defined issue.

TIMESLIST issue management tool organizes the “big picture” by managing “issue”, “to do (task)” and “risk” categories separately. With TIMESLIST users can support more than just one specific project with a strict deadline. TIMESLIST allows users to manage their organization’s regular tasks with goals and deadlines, along with their personal activities such as training classes, workshops, family commitments, and volunteer activities--all at the same time.

With TIMESLIST all participants are connected all the time, all in one place, to efficiently move project activities forward.

Multiple projects involving numerous participants from several different departments or organizations often run into communication difficulties. TIMESLIST provides a solution to communication obstacles by allowing all project participants to post a new issue, to do (task), risk and comments for any project viewable by all other participants at the same time.

The “search” feature allows users to find any issue easily by project name, status, and team members. There are three display change tabs : Timeline, Issue list and Gantt chart (WBS). Additionally, there are other features such as chat, dashboard, team member planning, and sharing documents.

TIMESLIST facilitates cross-functional coordination and collaboration on issue management and aligns all these processes centrally in one place. Users can also set their own time zones to make it easier to collaborate and work with other team members from a distance.

More powerful and simpler.

In TIMESLIST, once a project is created, the user can invite both internal and external team members to participate. TIMESLIST allows users to see one project or multiple projects all on one page and coordinate issues, tasks, to do, and risk to propel a project (or multiple projects) forward.

Share and resolve issues with team members anywhere on earth. Increase your productivity with TIMESLIST!

TIMESLIST is the ultimate business and project management tool for:
・Solving business and work related issues.
・Improve self management of projects.
・Improve team management and team building.
・Define issues while making project management more productive and routine.
・No need for confusing Excel spreadsheets.
・Improve Gantt chart (WBS).
・Complete more work in less time.
・Avoid needless and unproductive tasks.
・Improve personal and team efficiency.
・Share and resolves issues in the virtual workplace.
・Move from issue management to team management.

Watch TIMELIST's home page video to learn more about our approach to work and project management.

Volunteer translators wanted to translate from Japanese to their languages.

TIMESLIST wants to become available in several other languages so it can be used all around the world to help multiple country’s teams solve various issues by project management.

Benefits of being a volunteer translator:
1. You will learn project management, issue management and Japanese language through translating TIMESLIST to your language.
2. You may make Japanese friends through Management. Co., Ltd.,
3. You can learn about, and keep up with, current Japanese culture.

• Available for translation work 1 - 2 hours a day, three days a week.
• Provide weekly updates on your task progress once a week, and inform us when you are unavailable due to taking a day off or a vacation.
• Understanding Japanese and English skills are a plus, but not necessary. Bilingual Japanese are welcome.
• This is an unpaid volunteer position. However, you can learn project management at a corporate training program level.

TIMESLIST – Increase your productivity!
Free version and paid version available.
Download Web based: https://timeslist.com
Download Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timeslist.app
Download iphone: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/timeslist/id1130233641
CONTACT: https://timeslist.com/WCM0300/contactconf/disp/bs/

Masato Otowa
Managemet Co.,ltd.
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