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Trevali Reports Preliminary Q2-2018 Production of 104 Million Payable Pounds of Zinc and Operating Costs of US$58 Per Tonne

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 18, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trevali Mining Corporation (“Trevali” or the “Company”) (TSX:TV) (OTCQX:TREVF) (Frankfurt:4TI) reports preliminary consolidated second quarter 2018 (“Q2-2018”) production of 103.9 million payable pounds of zinc, 10.5 million payable pounds of lead and 337,801 payable ounces of silver (Table 1). The Company remains firmly on track with its 2018 consolidated annual production guidance of 400-427 million payable pounds of zinc.

Figure 1: 2018 Quarterly zinc production guidance (mid-range) versus actual zinc production.
2018 Q1 Actual and Forecast Quarterly Payable Zinc Production (Mlbs)

Q2 Highlights:

  • On track with 2018 annual zinc production guidance of 400-427 million payable pounds
  • Preliminary consolidated operating costs of US$58 per tonne
  • Operating costs within or below guidance at all operations; on track with 2018 consolidated operating cost guidance of US$60-$66 per tonne
  • Continued strong performance at Perkoa
  • Santander back at normal capacity following mill maintenance in the first quarter
  • Caribou improved performance following winter seasonal effect in the first quarter
  • Normal concentrate shipping schedules realized at all operations

Table 1: Preliminary Consolidated Q2-2018 Production

  Q1-2018 Q2-2018 YTD-2018
Tonnes Mined 790,215 807,166 1,597,381
Tonnes Milled 743,935 820,214 1,564,149
Concentrate Produced (dry metric tonnes):      
Zinc 107,906 117,452 225,357
Lead 14,933 13,308 28,241
Payable Production:      
Zinc (lbs)
Zinc (tonnes)
Lead (lbs)
Lead (tonnes)
Silver (ozs) 336,927 337,801 669,377

“As per plan, we saw increased zinc production in the second quarter and the Company remains on track to achieve annual production and cost guidance,” stated Dr. Mark Cruise, Trevali’s President and CEO. “The overall improvements, versus the first quarter, reflect continued strong performance at Perkoa, a return to normal capacity at Santander and decreasing seasonal effects at Caribou. Unfortunately, Rosh Pinah had a challenging quarter, however we anticipate significant improvement in the second half of the year as we focus on optimizing operations, specifically underground mining efficiency and productivity.”

Perkoa Mine, Burkina Faso
Preliminary Q2-2018 production was 46.2 million pounds (20,940 tonnes) of payable zinc with an average zinc recovery of 93% (Table 2). Mine output and mill throughput for the quarter were 182,551 tonnes and 176,027 tonnes of ore, respectively. Given the strong performance over the first half of 2018, the Company is increasing 2018 zinc production guidance by 9 million pounds (4,080 tonnes) to 164-174 million payable pounds (74,400-78,950 tonnes).

Table 2: Perkoa Preliminary Q2-2018 Production

  Q1-2018 Q2-2018 YTD-2018
Tonnes Mined 192,158  182,551  374,709 
Tonnes Milled 179,940  176,027  355,967 
Average Head Grades:      
Zinc (%) 14.49% 15.20% 14.84%
Average Recoveries (%):      
Zinc 94.4% 93.1% 93.7%
Concentrate Produced (dry metric tonnes):      
Zinc 47,413  49,696  97,109 
Payable Production:      
Zinc (lbs) 45,874,974 46,151,647 92,026,621 
Zinc (tonnes) 20,814 20,940 41,754

Rosh Pinah Mine, Namibia
Preliminary Q2-2018 production was 20.8 million pounds (9,449 tonnes) of payable zinc, 2.1 million pounds (974 tonnes) of payable lead and 28,388 ounces of payable silver (Table 3). Mine output and mill throughput for the quarter was 159,797 tonnes and 173,082 tonnes, respectively.

Performance for the quarter was below expectation; specifically, mine production did not achieve targeted levels due to non-optimal operational practices. Consequently, 2018 production guidance has been reduced by 10 million pounds (4,540 tonnes) to 95-105 million payable pounds (43,100-47,640 tonnes) of zinc. The Company is actively addressing this issue and continues to onboard key skills, advance workforce training, provide operational support and implement compliance tracking.

Table 3: Rosh Pinah Preliminary Q2-2018 Production

  Q1-2018 Q2-2018 YTD-2018
Tonnes Mined 172,334 159,797 332,131
Tonnes Milled 177,837 173,082 350,919
Average Head Grades:      
Zinc (%) 7.92% 7.69% 7.81%
Lead (%) 1.40% 1.07% 1.24%
Silver (ozs/ton) 0.58% 0.29% 0.41%
Average Recoveries (%):      
Zinc 88% 86% 87%
Lead 77% 58% 67%
Silver 51% 60% 56%
Concentrate Produced (dry metric tonnes):      
Zinc 25,175 25,540 50,715
Lead 4,268 3,017 7,285
Payable Production:      
Zinc (lbs)
Zinc (tonnes)
Lead (lbs)
Lead (tonnes)
Silver (ozs) 50,794 28,388 73,831

Caribou Mine, Canada
Preliminary Q2-2018 production was 20.5 million pounds (9,315 tonnes) of payable zinc, 6.5 million pounds (2,937 tonnes) of payable lead and 178,753 ounces of payable silver (Table 4). Mine production for the quarter was 266,500 tonnes, an operational record, and mill throughput was 247,222 tonnes. As expected, the winter impacts experienced in the first quarter decreased in the second quarter, which positively impacted zinc recoveries.

Table 4: Caribou Preliminary Q2-2018 Production

  Q1-2018 Q2-2018 YTD-2018
Tonnes Mined 238,650  266,500 505,150
Tonnes Milled 235,531  247,222 482,753
Average Head Grades:      
Zinc (%) 5.94% 5.92% 5.93%
Lead (%) 2.43% 2.16% 2.29%
Silver (ozs/ton) 2.14  1.96 2.04
Average Recoveries (%):      
Zinc 75% 76% 76%
Lead 62% 60% 61%
Silver 41% 35% 38%
Concentrate Produced (dry metric tonnes):      
Zinc 22,769  23,394 46,163
Lead 9,556  8,400 17,956
Payable Production:      
Zinc (lbs)
Zinc (tonnes)
Lead (lbs)
Lead (tonnes)
Silver (ozs) 216,087 178,753 394,840

Santander Mine, Peru
Preliminary Q2-2018 production was 16.4 million pounds (7,434 tonnes) of payable zinc, 1.9 million pounds (867 tonnes) of payable lead and 130,659 ounces of payable silver (Table 5). Recoveries averaged 89% for zinc, 79% for lead and 61% for silver.

The mill maintenance was completed prior to the beginning of the second quarter, resulting in mill throughput of 223,884 tonnes (an operational record) and mine output of 198,318 tonnes for the quarter.

The Santander mill is now operating at approximately 2,500 tonnes-per-day, which is above design capacity, and as such the Company is increasing 2018 zinc production guidance by 1 million pounds (500 tonnes) to 55-58 million payable pounds (24,950-26,320 tonnes).

Table 5: Santander Preliminary Q2-2018 Production

  Q1-2018 Q2-2018 YTD-2018
Tonnes Mined 187,073 198,318 385,391
Tonnes Milled 150,627 223,884 374,511
Average Head Grades:      
Zinc (%) 4.46%  4.47% 4.46%
Lead (%) 0.48% 0.52% 0.50%
Silver (ozs/ton) 0.77 0.91 0.85
Average Recoveries (%):      
Zinc 89% 89% 89%
Lead 79% 79% 78%
Silver 58% 61% 60%
Concentrate Produced (dry metric tonnes):      
Zinc 12,549 18,822 31,371
Lead 1,109 1,891 3,000
Payable Production:      
Zinc (lbs)
Zinc (tonnes)
Lead (lbs)
Lead (tonnes)
Silver (ozs) 70,046 130,659 200,706


Table 6: Q2-2018 Preliminary Operating Costs and Annual Cost Guidance (US$ per tonne)

Mine 2018 Annual
Operating Cost
Operating Costs
Operating Costs
Operating Costs
Perkoa (100%) $103-$113 $112 $87 $100
Rosh Pinah (100%) $49-$54 $54 $47 $51
Caribou $55-$61 $64 $60 $62
Santander $38-$42 $65 $40 $50
Total $60-$66 $73 $58 $65

(1) Constitutes forward-looking information; see “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements”.
(2) Trevali’s ownership interest is 90% of Perkoa and 90% of Rosh Pinah.
(3) Costs are preliminary and subject to adjustment.

Production guidance for the year remains unchanged at between 400 and 427 million pounds (181,500-193,700 tonnes) of payable zinc, 43.8 and 46.0 million pounds (19,900-20,900 tonnes) of payable lead and 1.40 and 1.47 million ounces of payable silver (Table 7).

The Company is increasing its zinc production guidance at Perkoa and Santander by an aggregate of 10 million pounds (4,540 tonnes) of payable zinc, which offsets the lower zinc production guidance at Rosh Pinah of 10 million pounds (4,540 tonnes). There will be moderate fluctuations on a quarter-to-quarter basis due to normal-course mine scheduling (Figure 1).

Table 7: 2018 Consolidated Production Guidance (1&2)

Mine 2018 Zinc Production 2018 Lead Production 2018 Silver Production
Perkoa (100%) 164-174 million lbs
74,400-78,950 tonnes
Rosh Pinah (100%) 95-105 million lbs
43,100-47,650 tonnes
5.7-6.0 million lbs
2,600-2,700 tonnes
123-129 k ozs
Caribou 86-90 million lbs
39,000-40,850 tonnes
27.1-28.4 million lbs
12,300-12,900 tonnes
627-658 k ozs
Santander 55-58 million lbs
24,950-26,300 tonnes
11.0-11.6 million lbs
5,000-5,300 tonnes
654-687 k ozs
Total 400-427 million lbs
181,500-193,700 tonnes
43.8-46.0 million lbs
19,900-20,900 tonnes
1,400-1,474 k ozs

 (1) Constitutes forward-looking information; see “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements”.
 (2) Trevali’s ownership interest is 90% of Perkoa and 90% of Rosh Pinah.

Normal shipping schedules were realized at all operations in the second quarter and there were no material inventory backlogs that affected concentrate sales.

Trevali has added two new key management positions:

Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Steven Molnar has joined Trevali as Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. He joins the Company from McCarthy Tétrault LLP, where he practiced corporate and securities law with a focus on the mining industry. He brings extensive experience in corporate governance and continuous disclosure requirements, public and private mergers and acquisitions and capital markets transactions, and joint ventures and other commercial arrangements in the mining industry. Steve will be overseeing all legal aspects at Trevali, providing advice on strategic direction, planned initiatives, operations and corporate governance and regulatory compliance.

Vice President, Mineral Resource Management
Yan Bourassa has joined Trevali as Vice President, Mineral Resource Management. He joins the Company with extensive experience in resource estimation / disclosure and has a solid background in operations and exploration. Yan will be overseeing the development and maintenance of the individual resource and reserve models for all Trevali mining assets combined with the management of all in-mine conversion drilling, drill data management, and sampling QA/QC. He will also be developing frameworks for mineral resource management, supervising and training geologists and providing technical guidance to Senior Management team as part of due diligence processes.

Additionally, Trevali has implemented operation-level changes to reinforce ongoing improvement and optimization initiatives at all operations.

Qualified Person and Quality Control/Quality Assurance
EurGeol Dr. Mark D. Cruise, Trevali's President and CEO, is a qualified person as defined by NI 43-101, has supervised the preparation of, and has verified the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for this news release. Dr. Cruise is not independent of the Company as he is an officer, director and shareholder.

Trevali is a zinc-focused, base metals company with four mines: the wholly-owned Santander mine in Peru, the wholly-owned Caribou mine in the Bathurst Mining Camp of northern New Brunswick, its 90% owned Rosh Pinah mine in Namibia and its 90% owned Perkoa mine in Burkina Faso.

The shares of Trevali are listed on the TSX (symbol TV), the OTCQX (symbol TREVF), the Lima Stock Exchange (symbol TV), and the Frankfurt Exchange (symbol 4TI). For further details on Trevali, readers are referred to the Company’s website ( and to Canadian regulatory filings on SEDAR at

On Behalf of the Board of Directors of
“Mark D. Cruise” (signed)
Mark D. Cruise, President

Contact Information:
Steve Stakiw, Vice President - Investor Relations and Corporate Communications
Phone: (604) 488-1661 / Direct: (604) 638-5623

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements
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These statements reflect the Company’s current views with respect to future events and are necessarily based upon a number of assumptions and estimates that, while considered reasonable by the Company, are inherently subject to significant business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties and contingencies. If any assumptions are untrue, it could cause actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such statements. Assumptions have been made regarding, among other things, present and future business strategies and the environment in which the Company will operate in the future, including commodity prices, anticipated costs and ability to achieve goals.

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Note to United States Investors

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The Company uses the terms "measured mineral resources", "indicated mineral resources" and "inferred mineral resources". While these terms are recognized by Canadian securities regulatory authorities, they are not recognized by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. US investors are cautioned not to assume that any part or all of the material in these categories will ever be converted into reserves.

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