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Colleen McCann to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HARRISBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2018 / -- Following a healthy diet is inarguably one of the most superior ways to prevent debilitating illnesses like diabetes, vitamin deficiency, heart disease and cancer. Yet millions of people still eat unhealthily and are woefully stricken with devastating diseases every day. With so much misguided information on food choices many people are simply overwhelmed on what to eat and choose junk food as a quick alternative. But thankfully with experts who are well versed on proper nutrition we can head down the right path of health and wellness.

Colleen McCann is a top-notch dietitian for over thirty plus years and founder and President of McCann-Cannard and Associates, a firm which provides food service consultation to organizations, hospitals, restaurants, and correctional institutions and individuals who need help with nutrition or food services.

“It has been an absolute joy working in my field,” says Colleen. “Although it can certainly be arduous and extremely challenging nothing can compare to how gratifying and rewarding it is to help such a tremendous amount of people overcome health issues.”

Coming from a prominent family of caregivers and quality chefs Colleen was able to ideally combine her distinguished background to follow her life’s journey. She started as a Director of Dietetics in an institution caring for people with tuberculosis and was eventually recruited by Pennsylvania State University to develop a dietetic internship. There she was promoted to Assistant Professor and Director of the Institution Food Research and Services Program. She pioneered the use of computers in nutrient assessment and foodservice accounting, administering grants which provided these services to all 50 residential state institutions in Pennsylvania.

Some 13 years later, she left Penn State, moving to the state capital, where “I directed a new administrative subdivision in state government called the Bureau of Foodservice Management”, says Colleen.

Feeling that it was time to open her own business, Colleen and two members of her staff incorporated McCann-Cannard & Associates, a foodservice and nutrition consultation company now in its 38th year. “As President of my firm I have provided services for over 200 healthcare facilities, businesses, and individuals.”

“My hope is that more people will recognize how important it is to follow a healthful life plan,” says Colleen. “Following sustainable food regimes such as the Mediterranean diet is very beneficial. It is unequivocally important to be healthy and to possess an overall sense of well- being so that you are genuinely able to lead a more productive, happier life.”

One of Colleen’s most notable accomplishments was heading efforts to obtain passage of a law to license Dietitian-Nutritionists in Pennsylvania, which took almost nineteen years to achieve. The absolute necessity for helping people acquire excellent health is inarguably Colleen’s life-long achievement that keeps her continually persevering to spread awareness to people everywhere.

Although being a dietitian can be an ideal career for people with a passion for health and wellness Colleen strongly advises anyone seeking it out as a career the need to take science and math courses to properly meet course requirements. It’s essential to be well versed to expertly guide people to proper nutrition and superior health.

“When I do tell people my age they are often amazed,” says Colleen. “They tell me I don’t look my age and I respond ‘That is what superb nutrition will do for you.”

CUTV news will feature Colleen McCann in an interview with Doug Llewelyn Wednesday July 18th at 2 p.m. EST.

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