Schizophrenic Saint and The World's Fastest Painter Fights For A Noble Cause

Parijoy Saha

World's fastest painter sets five artistic world records and spreads his teachings worldwide with the help of his novel art.

KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, INDIA, July 12, 2018 / -- On 10th December 2015, Parijoy Saha, the World's fastest painter, made the World's fastest realistic painting in a 1/5th fraction of a second, the World's fastest abstract painting in a 1/5th fraction of a second and the World's fastest landscape painting in a 1/6th fraction of a second on 38cm x 32cm sized papers using bare hands. On, 12th July 2013 he demonstrated 11 novel methods of painting using bare hands with each method taking less than 30 seconds to complete a painting on 37 cm x 28cm sized papers. On 11th December 2011, he made 51 paintings in 35 minutes using bare hands on 37cm x 28cm sized papers.

Another extraordinary fact about the World’s fastest painter is that he is a 90% disabled patient of chronic Schizophrenia.Inspite of the seriousness of his illness he has been extraordinarily creative and has received state level, national level and international recognition, awards and record certificates for his unique contribution to the world of art. He makes wonderful, unbelievable paintings with his fingers, nails and palm without the use of brushes or any other tools in a matter of seconds.

He has been recently recognized by Official World Record (Spain) and also by Ripley's Believe It or Not! Cartoon (U.K), Record Setter (U.S.A), Record Holders Republic (U.K), Limca book of records (India), India book of records and Asia book of records.

The money that comes from the sale of Parijoy Saha's paintings is used for spreading his teachings worldwide and for his ashram expenses which is a charitable cause. He is an Indian Saint and his other name is Swami Tapasyananda puri. His paintings are available for sale at:

Parijoy Saha's teachings are also available at this website for the welfare of mankind. People who visit his website to see his unusual paintings also get to read about his teachings.

He is on a noble mission to lead mankind to the right path so that all can attain perfection, peace and joy. In his heart is burning this very strong, unending desire to help mankind suffering due to ignorance. His teachings lead mankind to the right path.

He has endured a lot and for long for his noble mission and is still going on with determined will as his dream slowly turns into reality as God fulfills his genuine prayers for all.

Here's a video which summarizes his achievements:

Journalists will find more information, documents of evidence, certificates, and photographs to download, at Parijoy Saha's blog:

Phone: +91 9830676263

To see Parijoy's record breaking videos go to Parijoy Saha's youtube channel.

Parijoy Saha
Parijoy Saha
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