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Ken Sutiak Offers Advice on How to Live a Charitable Lifestyle

Ken Sutiak is an altruistic man who enjoys living a charitable lifestyle and he encourages others to do the same.

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 / -- Ken Sutiak knows that charity has many different forms. Whether charity comes from giving money or time, it’s still aiding those in need. Humans and animals are suffering every day because of unfortunate situations they find themselves in.

Knowing this, Sutiak feels blessed to have the life he leads. Thus, he feels it’s his duty to help all living creatures and he wants to give others the opportunity to help others as he does. That’s why he has divulged the advice he’s learned to living a charitable lifestyle.

Find a Charity Connection

There are so many charities out there. To live a charitable lifestyle, Ken Sutiak claims a person needs to find a charity they connect with. This charity needs to have a mission statement that resonates in the charitable person’s soul. The only way to truly feel fulfilled is to know the time and, or money is going to a cause that is important to the person.

Sutiak ensures that it doesn’t matter whether the charity helps children, women, men, horses, dogs, cats, or endangered species. The only thing that matters is the connection the person feels toward that cause.

For example, Ken Sutiak works with both children and animals. He volunteers his time working with kids in his community, helping to clean it up and he works with animals.

Assess The Altruistic Options

There are usually two ultimate options when it comes to being altruistic. Many people give money because they can’t be on the field. However, others don’t have money but want to give their time.

“It takes all kinds…” Ken Sutiak says, going on to state that either option is equally helpful. That is why Sutiak urges people to do what they can to figure out which option works better for the person giving the charity. After all, charity, in every form is helpful to people in need.

Ken Sutiak splits his time between working with the kids in the community and helping animals. However, he tends to give monetary donations to animal rescues, because he can’t be everywhere. So, instead, he helps fund the people who are on the ground in an area.

Utilize Strengths

Everyone has passions and strengths. Some people know what they are good at and work from there. However, sometimes it’s the opportunities of the charity that show the person a strength they weren’t aware they had.

This is the case for Ken Sutiak, who now lobbies legislation to help gain animals the rights they deserve. What started out as writing letters to the government lead to Sutiak eventually going to Washington to talk with officials. Prior to this, Sutiak didn’t have experience, but he found his strength through his passion for helping animals.

Thus, Ken Sutiak encourages people to find something their good at and use that talent to help others in need. Once a person starts doing something they love for a charity that resonates with them, the options are limitless.

In summation, Ken Sutiak has put years of practice into his charitable lifestyle. However, the sooner a person starts finding the ways they can help others, the sooner they can start making a difference.

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