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Elizabeth Hoff to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 10, 2018 / -- One of the most important aspects for most of us in our careers is the challenge of how to rise to higher levels on the corporate ladder or achieve more satisfaction in our work life. We vehemently work overtime to illustrate how well versed we are in our field and yet we are dejected when we realize we are not being promoted or recognized. Do you have a niggling feeling you might be a bad fit for your organization? Have you been passed over for promotions recently when you felt you were qualified? Could it be we are overlooking critical elements that are actually preventing us from getting ahead—or even noticed?

Elizabeth is an exceptional Life Coach and founder of the top notch firm Hoff Executive Coaching.

“As a coach I define myself as extremely practical,” says Elizabeth. “Clients who seek me out need to be genuinely open with me about their career goals, office culture and their boss. In that way, we can map out steps to help them reach their goals.”

Prior to becoming a life coach, Elizabeth, a double-major graduate of Rice University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business and Psychology, held a well-regarded and lucrative corporate career at Medtronic as VP & General Manager of the Cardiac Diagnostic Business Unit. She rose through the ranks of both public, private, large and small businesses. Through her remarkable expertise and tenacity, she expertly pioneered new technology for the revolutionary care of the heart. But even with her notably outstanding contributions Elizabeth noticed how numerous people would approach her for mentoring and guidance and eventually it dawned on her, coaching was a gift.

“Most coaches today approach their clients as psychologists,” says Elizabeth. “In comparison, I’ve walked the walk and rose steadily in various businesses. This wasn’t always easy, and I’ve made mistakes like we all have. I’ve watched who and how some people “get ahead”. I can help educate my clients on factors they need to be cognizant of –sometimes it’s the smallest details that keep them from a promotion.”

“My clients come to me and say “I’m the smartest and I work the hardest….why isn’t this working for me?” Elizabeth says “I break actions down to simple things at first…..Why is it important to mirror your boss and what does this even mean? Why is it important to know what they have on the walls of their office? Why are you so buried in work that you don’t even eat lunch? How can we improve your networking with people within your organization—and why should you place a high value on that?

Elizabeth’s unique, strategic methods consists of asking clients to thoroughly explain details about their job and boss which are so often overlooked and undervalued. For instance, what is the company culture like, how is their work environment, what are your bosses values and goals? Be vigilant of these particulars through keen self-awareness.

“I discerningly assess my client’s work such as having clarity about upcoming presentations to their leadership ,” says Elizabeth. “For example, what are their opening and closing statements? I have them focus especially on the first five minutes of their presentation and then the closing, and be hyper aware of the audience. One should never go to a meeting without knowing the supporters and detractors and be aware of how to handle both.”

“I teach you how to value and maneuver within the people in your office,” says Elizabeth. “It’s absolutely proven that better communication makes an enourmous difference, and people need to focus more on people, not just their product/service. It’s not meant to be grueling or exasperating. I help people enjoy their work more, get ahead, or assess whether they’re at the right organization. It’s all about being authentically happy and enjoying your job.”

CUTV News will feature Elizabeth Hoff in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday July 12th at 2 p.m. EST.
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