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Fran Gangitano of Signal Over Noise to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNTIED STATES, July 10, 2018 / -- Five years ago Fran Gangitano, the founder of Signal Over Noise, A Vitality and Wellness Design Agency, was a VP of Strategic Program/Brand Management at a Marketing Agency. At that time, she saw three trends rising very quickly that were disrupting the way people live. Instinctively she was intrigued and through deeper analysis she knew they’d become market factors. The thing they had in common was the search for “vitality.”

“I saw META everywhere,” recalls Gangitano, “A meta-consciousness revolution, a meta-sensory revolution, and a meta-philosophical revolution barreling toward me. And I’m so grateful because I was alert and acted. I said to myself: ‘5 to 7 years and it’s here. It happened much quicker. In 2015, the Wellness Economy was a $3.7 trillion plus market and poised to grow about 6-10% year over year - and it’s accelerating.”

“Now I know it first-hand because I’m literally seeing (and coaching) people who are desperate to make choices to live better and “be” better (purpose + peace + confidence + balance = better). This is because the rat race is growing more and more dystopian to where it’s both the cause and effect. We have gotten to a place where FEAR is ruling most of our decisions. The atmosphere of scarcity and feeling like there isn’t enough leads us to mistrust. People are growing increasingly defensive of what they have (because of the gnawing suspicion we may lose it) and feeling more and more isolated until they’re alone – fighting a strange enemy. And guess what – that enemy will win – because without knowing it, they’re bringing it closer and making it bigger every day. This is highly concentrated and institutionalized in businesses, corporations and organizations.”

“People live in fear about their jobs with endless amounts of stress to keep up (and when you do well, you don’t get praise so much, but you WILL get more and more work), and the de-vitalizing realization that “trust” has ceased to be apparent in jobs, surroundings, the world, adds up fast. So not surprisingly, without the lifeline of security, people are looking and going inward to build their foundation. The outlets they seek are “Eastern” in thought, beliefs, values and action. Where the view of life, health and career among other things is about their access to confidence – where they have many choices and are about positive actions they take for themselves, rather than their actions being a “reaction” to others from a place of fear or scarcity. Because you cannot live your life as a reaction to others – you must make your life your own.”

Gangitano’s individual coaching/therapy practice Being and Growing, is a microcosm of the corporate and world mindset, and it literally wrote the plan for Signal Over Noise.

“Lack of vitality has nothing to do with your health – until it does.” says Fran Gangitano. “You can eat well; you can sleep well. You can even exercise regularly, but the moment you get into the office and you have 50 flaming emails, your vitality goes down, as does your attitude. This is the death spiral for vitality. And when you lack vitality on an ongoing basis it will change your mindset, kill your spirit, and you’ll become depleted. Then it becomes hard to keep your health routine.”

This is why most consumers are increasingly motivated to take charge of their own health. Corporations, organizations and brands must address these needs. The ones that do are poised to capitalize on this new paradigm by integrating products and services that have a positive impact on their employees and customers’ wellbeing.

“America is waking up and saying, ‘What am I doing? This job is killing me.’ People are up and quitting their overtaxing jobs in fear-based organizations because they want to have “purpose.” They are choosing to embrace the fullness of life while they are living. I call this Humanity 2.0,” says Gangitano. “Our services are concentrated on Humanity 2.0 where purpose and consciousness have become the number one priority.”

And, As US healthcare costs are forecast to rise by 5.8 percent every year until 2025, we can expect more and more Americans will turn to alternative and preventative health. Wellness, from yoga and meditation to exercise, will become an even more sought-after remedy for our increasingly over-connected, chaotic world.

“When it became clear to me that most corporations were running on fear and following a disturbing cycle, I decided to create Signal Over Noise and crafted the pillars that would create the most change in the shortest time.”

For businesses to thrive they must address the need for vitality to engage and retain good people, invested in good positions, where they can prosper and likewise encourage others. Businesses and Brands must embrace practices that are centered on “purpose,” and create the atmosphere of authenticity and trust that nurtures employees and teaches them they are better together.

“Health and Wellness is a big part of the “Signal Over Noise” offerings, but we also go deeper – to the underlying causes which are mostly about fear and scarcity and reduces vitality. When vitality goes down, people don’t have reserves of positive energy to do things that are good for them. Wellness Initiatives have been around for over 35 years, but people today are more stressed, more overweight, eat less healthy, and are less positive about their future than ever.”

Instead many individuals are realizing that wellness needs to set a “mindset” and it must comprise increased consciousness, sensory immersion and a philosophy for living. These are the revolutions that created the services Signal Over Noise provides. To keep everything “whole,” Signal Over Noise also offers corporate and brand marketing services to upgrade businesses and brands to the needs of this environment. It has to happen for corporations and brands to keep good employees/customers engaged, invested in the company, innovating in their positions and buying their products.

“We design engagement,” says Gangitano. “People are looking for something ‘better,’ what feels more true to them, gives them more purpose in jobs and life, with more transparency and less incongruity between what a company says and the way they act. Corporations have to walk their talk and brands have to stand for more than their products and services.”

Experiential marketing and vitality and wellness design can weave aspects of health and wellness into businesses, events and public spaces, to align with consumers’ growing interest with body and mind.

“We believe this is the new frontier of experience design,” says Gangitano. “Everything is about consciousness and “Whole Being.” That’s why our motto is, “You Do Life, Don’t Let Life Do You.’”

Signal Over Noise’s products and services include somatic/sensory environments and activities, “Whole Being” Corporate Change Management, including purpose-based reengineering, thought leadership, as well as an expert field network of expert practitioners, coaches, facilitators, and educators that are globally available and efficiently deployable.

And while “The Wellness Economy” continues to rise significantly, Signal Over Noise is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of this economy and the rise of Humanity 2.0. “

CUTV News Radio will feature Fran Gangitano in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on July 12th at 1pm EDT and with Jim Masters on July 19th at 1pm EDT.

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