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Louis Vuitton: Axel Währisch talks about antique chests as collector's items

Louis Vuitton: A name that sounds sweet and seductive like fresh raspberries and that has been synonymous with all sorts of luxurious desires since 1854.

HAMBURG, HAMBURG, GERMANY, July 6, 2018 / -- Louis Vuitton: A name that sounds sweet and seductive like fresh raspberries and that has been synonymous with all sorts of luxurious desires since 1854. And not only for women with the well-known fashion accessories such as handbags, purses and scarves. Some men also live out their weakness for Louis Vuitton. And with unique collectibles and investment objects. Like Axel Währisch (45) from Hamburg. The acclaimed expert in historical vintage luggage talks about antique Louis Vuitton chests and trunks as an investment.

And if you should have an antique Louis Vuitton vintage luggage as chest and trunks for sale in any condition, contact the expert.

The imposing trunks and heavy suitcases are in demand worldwide. "Travel with Style" was the appropriate motto at that time. Axel Währisch explains why suitcases are not the same as suitcases and chests.

Increase in value is almost guaranteed

As early as the 16th and 17th centuries, when most French noblemen traveled to court the King, their luggage was stowed away in large, heavy trunks. These fulfilled additional functions in addition to the transport.
They served in the voluminous tents as a piece of furniture, as a table, as a cupboard and not least as a seat opportunity. Therefore, it can also be deduced that in Europe furniture springs from the root word "mobile".
In times of non-existent interest-rates, capital is always looking for new investment opportunities. While the collectors and dealers of ordinary antiques complain of a significant drop in prices, which has no equal, historic luggage is becoming increasingly popular in the home furnishings.

Overseas suitcases, trunks and chests by Louis Vuitton

The ideally brass-clad, edged with leather edges pieces then serve as a luxurious decoration, side table or classic coffee table. But not everyone keeps their bedclothes in a 125-year-old Louis Vuitton chest. Because today's lovers of noble and rare pieces made "Travel with Style" to the motto "Living with Style"!

However, the condition of the elderly Louis Vuitton chests and trunks is extremely important: It must be original and undamaged and in a reasonable, restorative condition. The third aspect is historical relevance.
Exact period of time as well as type and execution of the design: this results in the estimated value and the rarity. Because leather edges and brass were the most expensive equipment of a travel chest even then.

Second life as a coffee-table

Especially suitcases and chests from the years 1872 to 1920 are very sought after. Stunner Trunks, Safari Trunks, Hat Trunks, Gentlemans Trunks, and Wardrobe Trunks, says Axel Währisch. Also in the monochrome patterns Trianon and Vuittonite, also the lesser-known striped versions in red / brown - called Rayée - or the checkered Damier - also known as Checkerboard Canvas.

Or the most well-known optics of Louis Vuitton today, the classic monogram pattern. The epitome of quality and luxury par excellence. Trunks with monogram patterns were already established in 1896 by Georges Vuitton, the eldest son of Louis Vuitton. First used as a "woven canvas", which is a very high-quality, elaborately woven linen (damask) from Egypt. Then in 1904 it was printed in various ways on the canvas, the Canvas, explains Axel Währisch.

They do not grow back

There are always finds of Louis Vuitton travel trunks and closet cases in basements, attics or barns by private individuals. Or there are chests in the estate that hardly anyone can estimate. The longtime connoisseur will gladly advise you on the sale.

Or he buys your offer: As a buyer, Axel Währisch is also active for his own collection and for a collector abroad. If you have an antique Louis Vuitton chest for sale in any condition, contact the expert.
In addition, he can advise you on the purchase of a historic chest or help you set up your own collection of antique Louis Vuitton luggage. Upon request Währisch will assist exclusive interior-designers with the purchase of special as well as luxurious pieces.

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The name Louis Vuitton will continue to occupy women and men with a sense of new luxury as well as lovers of historical luxury in the distant future. Just really cute and seductive...

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